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The Three Cups and Stockbridge!

As it was a stunning late winters day today, Jennifer and I took a stroll in the sparkling sunshine up on Danebury Hill Fort, followed by a trip to Stockbridge High Street for some lunch. For those of you who don’t know Stockbridge, it is a conservative heartland of Hampshire on the banks of the […]


The Bombay Sapphire

When brown signs for the Bombay Sapphire arrived all over Basingstoke a while ago, I have to admit that I initially thought it was a new Indian restaurant somewhere in Overton. However, knowing Indian restaurants after being involved with them in the past in a professional capacity, I am aware of how ferociously they protect […]

When Sainsbury’s Becomes the Highlight of the Day

It’s a funny old thing running your own business from home. You have times when you don’t know where to turn and busy periods that become littered with problems such as cash flow, invoicing, chasing money and satisfying the requirements of customers. Then there are the lulls that come along every year as autumn sets […]