Now That Fabrice Muamba is Getting Better…….

Posted on March 27, 2012

Because I anticipated vitriol, I decided not to comment on Fabrice Muamba until I knew he was going to survive, but now it is obvious he will, I can ask this question. What is it with the British public and their obsession with the prospect of having someone to mourn? Of course, as it happens, Muamba let his adopted nation down last week by having audacity to survive a massive heart attack courtesy of, not a miracle as some are stating, but ...

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Joining in With Cheating Britain at the Broughton Quiz

Posted on March 20, 2012

Wherever I have looked in the last week or so there has been cheating going on, whether it is in politics, sport or in social benefits, it is everywhere you look. Just as common are the holier than thou individuals who lambaste cheats when they are doing the same or far worse in fact. The amount of people I hear tearing in to "benefit scroungers" whilst they are themselves, doing cash in the hand weekend jobs or paying builders in twenty pound ...

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A Pain in the Neck, 12 Minutes Exercise and a Preempted Tribute!

Posted on March 1, 2012

A description of someone or something that is a real annoyance or nuisance is often described as being a pain in neck or a pain in the arse and though I have been fortunate enough not to have a had a pain in the arse as yet, yesterday morning, for some inexplicable reason, I awoke not being able to move my head, such was the pain down the back of it,  that went in to my neck and down my right arm. I am uncertain what the root cause was, but it ...

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Britain–Home of the Pantomime Villain

Posted on February 13, 2012

We can't resist a pantomime villain in this country, it seems that a new one is turning up on a weekly or even a daily basis. In the last seven days alone we have had Stephen Hester (RBS Boss) Fabio Cappello (England boss) and Abu Quatada (boss of evil axis of extreme Islamic terrorism). Stephen Hester has turned down his £1m bonus and Cappello has been resigned, yet Quatada, a threat to the whole human race if you believe the tabloids, is ...

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