The ‘O’ Ring Theory in Sport

Posted on May 15, 2019

I was listening to Radio 5 the other day and the subject of the 'O Ring Theory' came up. My dad was in the car at the time and he explained that this dates back to the 1986 Space Shuttle disaster. Seven astronauts died as the shuttle disintegrated. My dad tried to explain it to me but unfortunately he is a scientist and I am not. When my dad gets technical it results in the hard drive in my head crashing. This concludes with my brain needing ...

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Murray’s Premature Adulation

Posted on January 16, 2019

As a sports fan, I was quite intrigued to watch the toe snapping tribute to Andy Murray at The Australian Open the other day. This not because I don’t like Murray, quite the opposite. Murray is a fine competitor in a brutal sport. However, the Aussies ran a tribute that, following the in the footsteps of the BBC, was bordering on an obituary. I saw the press conference last week when Murray (who is beset by a hip problem) said that he ...

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Can England Go All the Way?

Posted on July 11, 2018

I don't know about anyone of you reading this but I can't concentrate on anything today, making admin cock up after cock up to the point where I am going to pack up for the day. I haven't done myself any favours, playing a 1990 hit list on YouTube and reflecting back on when West Germany broke our hearts on that sultry Italian evening that is etched into my memory like it was yesterday. The tragedy, the emotion and the tears were like nothing ...

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Here Comes the World Cup!

Posted on June 13, 2018

I feel like a bit of an impostor joining the World Cup bandwagon at this late stage as I have shown little or next to no interest in the qualifiers or indeed, football in general. As Frankie Boyle said in his excellent 'Frankie Goes to Russia’ documentary, "Football is now a rich man's game, with money making it as joyless as a bedtime story from Mick McCarthy". However, I stumbled across an England game against Puerto Rico last ...

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Cyrile Regis

Posted on January 16, 2018

I was going to do a little piece on Cyril Regis last night but I decided not to as former players like Dion Dublin and Brian Deane did it much better and unlike me, knew him well. For people of my age group Cyril Regis was something of a phenomenon because back in the 1970's white footballers still had legs like they were about to snap and pasty looking faces courtesy ciggies, booze and wild women. In contrast, Regis was built like an ...

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