What is So Addictive About Sport?

Posted on February 20, 2012

These days, to keep fit, I spend my time in the stench of middle England at the local gymnasium. I plough a lonely furrow on a running machine, I sit on bits of equipment that loosely resemble push bikes and rowing boats and I try to do sit ups and lift up weights as well as resembling a windmill in a force nine on a humiliating piece of machinery that is called a cross trainer. This battle against being described as rotund is a desperate one, ...

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Britain–Home of the Pantomime Villain

Posted on February 13, 2012

We can't resist a pantomime villain in this country, it seems that a new one is turning up on a weekly or even a daily basis. In the last seven days alone we have had Stephen Hester (RBS Boss) Fabio Cappello (England boss) and Abu Quatada (boss of evil axis of extreme Islamic terrorism). Stephen Hester has turned down his £1m bonus and Cappello has been resigned, yet Quatada, a threat to the whole human race if you believe the tabloids, is ...

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Hurry up Harry?

Posted on February 10, 2012

It already seems along time ago, but it was only Tuesday when the most extraordinary set of circumstances in the sporting world occurred. When we woke up Harry Redknapp was staring at the possibly of a reputation and career in ruins, yet incredibly, by the time we sat down to eat our tea, he was being hailed as the savior of English football after the sensational resignation of Fabio Cappello, the nations latest pantomime villain after the ...

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