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    The May’s Profiting From Lockheed Martin

    Anyone who saw the BBC news last night would have seen a feature showing the state of rented accommodation that the poor and hopeless are forced to live in. It made me more aware than ever that it is often the objective of the rich to bleed the poor of every last penny they have. […]

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    The Weird World We are Living In

     My business partner said the following words to me this morning. “Every time I listen to the news, I can’t help wondering if I am part of an elaborate prank”.  He was referring to Trump, Putin and the nightmare scenario unfolding in Syria this week, as well as that weird grilling of a shell shocked […]

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  • Jeremy-Corbyn

    Trying to Understand the Labour Jewish Scandal

      Who has been trying to understand the scandal engulfing the Labour Party regarding anti-Semitism? I have been reading loads about it, trying to work out if it is simply Zionists trying stain the Labour by conveniently using anti-Israeli policy (there is nothing racist about disagreeing with an ideology) to label them as anti-Semites. Whilst […]

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  • 5370

    Steve Smith Bringing Back Memories of When I Cheated Excelsior Angling Club

    Wow, what a week it has been for Cricket Australia. In many ways, it has shown how quickly the media are on to these things and how cheating in sport can descend into such a state that the culprits are treated like child murderers. No one quite knows the full story as once it evolved […]

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    Latest Vlog – Farage, Mogg, Rotten Fish and Boris!

    Sorry about this latest Vlog and the quality of it; I have been unusually busy with work and cricket club duties this week so I had no time to edit it or do retakes. Anyway, I did it as it has been a week where Rees-Mogg, Farage and Johnson have been behaving in an even […]

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    Is Putin to Blame for the Beast from the East?

    The Met Office announced early last week that an anticyclone moving to the north east of Britain would drag and easterly airflow from Siberia in what was widely being dubbed as ‘The Beast from the East – Part Two’. After a mild day on Friday, as predicted, the easterly airflow set in again and snow […]

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    The Problem With Conspiracy Theories

    As Russia prepares their retaliation against Britain in the coming days, the conspiracy theorists have been busy at work with regards to the Sergei Skripal crisis. Some are plausible, others are plain ridiculous, but bundled into one, they cause enough confusion to suit Vladimir Putin just dandy. Non-Linear Warfare, a system of chaos to confuse […]

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  • Sergie Skripal Doc

    The KGB…You Don’t Expect That Sort of Thing Around Here!

    I was watching ‘South Today’ after there had been a murder in some rough looking sink estate a few weeks back in Southampton somewhere. The reporter spoke to some of the neighbours and one guy said what is now an obligatory statement from someone in the neighbourhood where there is a murder. “You don’t expect […]

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    The Contradictions of a Snowy Week in the UK

      Snowdrifts in Oakley, Hampshire, yesterday afternoon. Well, the ‘Beast from the East’ arrived and I have to say, I was quite impressed with its impact, with several inches of snow falling, even here in Hampshire, as the fierce easterly fizzed across us. It didn’t get above -3c here yesterday. I always like a blast […]

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    Here Comes the Beast From the East!

    Blue Planet: Britain is set for a blast straight from Siberia. How ironic that as we approach the beginning of the meteorological spring, we are about to witness the coldest spell of the winter. The odd thing about this is no one really cares as all they have seen all winter are Facebook and Twitter […]

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