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  • people-are-furious-at-the-daily-mail-front-page-branding-the-article-50-judges-enemies-of-the-people

    The Rapid Increase in Staying Quiet

    When I was at the cricket the other day, a lady who is a new member at the club approached my girlfriend and said, “Did you enjoy the Royal Wedding today?” Jennifer replied, “I didn’t watch it as I am not particularly interested”. For a moment, my toes curled over and it seemed like the birds had […]

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  • labourleave

    The Impossible Task of Changing Hearts & Minds

    Several years ago I got together with a woman who I thought was a sound individual. After a while, something was telling me the situation I was in was fundamentally flawed and had been based around lies that accompany a narcissistic disorder. For some time I initially refused to believe I had been mugged off […]

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  • images

    A Choice of Citizenship?

    Sorry I have been absent from blogs lately, what with the start of the cricket season and all that it has been a busy old time where the days have just drifted past. Anyway, I was listening to a couple of people debating on the radio the other morning and it is pretty clear that […]

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  • The-Guernsey-Literary-and-Potato-Peel-Pie-Society-New-Film-Poster

    Movie Review – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society!

    This week, Jennifer allowed me to chose a film and on a whim, I chose ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ . This was, chiefly, because it sounded a bit like ‘The Dead Poets Society’ which is an old favourite of mine. I was about to say it was fucking awful, but that would […]

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  • ARudd2

    Windrush and the Meaning of Institutionalised Racism!

    So the home secretary is done for, leaving the former home secretary and now prime minister exposed and frantically looking for her next lightning conductor in the form of Sajid Javid, who, as her successor will attempt to eradicate the Windrush scandal. Theresa May clings on again, in her bunker, her ineptitude ruthlessly exposed once […]

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  • St-George-8

    The Tale of St George!

    Wherever I looked yesterday, be it on Facebook or on Twitter, there seemed to be people getting irate about St George’s day, which always confuses me. Why get angry about being English? Rather than posting a flag and saying “Happy St George’s Day everyone” I kept on seeing things about not being ashamed to be […]

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  • Screen-Shot-2018-04-17-at-16.52.22

    The May’s Profiting From Lockheed Martin

    Anyone who saw the BBC news last night would have seen a feature showing the state of rented accommodation that the poor and hopeless are forced to live in. It made me more aware than ever that it is often the objective of the rich to bleed the poor of every last penny they have. […]

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  • IMG_9861

    The Weird World We are Living In

     My business partner said the following words to me this morning. “Every time I listen to the news, I can’t help wondering if I am part of an elaborate prank”.  He was referring to Trump, Putin and the nightmare scenario unfolding in Syria this week, as well as that weird grilling of a shell shocked […]

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  • Jeremy-Corbyn

    Trying to Understand the Labour Jewish Scandal

      Who has been trying to understand the scandal engulfing the Labour Party regarding anti-Semitism? I have been reading loads about it, trying to work out if it is simply Zionists trying stain the Labour by conveniently using anti-Israeli policy (there is nothing racist about disagreeing with an ideology) to label them as anti-Semites. Whilst […]

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  • 5370

    Steve Smith Bringing Back Memories of When I Cheated Excelsior Angling Club

    Wow, what a week it has been for Cricket Australia. In many ways, it has shown how quickly the media are on to these things and how cheating in sport can descend into such a state that the culprits are treated like child murderers. No one quite knows the full story as once it evolved […]

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