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  • May

    Well, That Went Well Theresa!

    Well that trip to Salzburg went well didn’t it? Poor old Theresa got humiliated, got incandescent about being humiliated and as a result carried all the confidence of someone who has seen a ghost, defecated in their pants, and realised they were wearing white trousers. Or as one journalist from The Independent hilariously described her […]

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  • IMG_5586

    Romance Fraud!

    I was reading a shocking article the other day about the seemingly unstoppable rise in what is known as romance fraud and how intelligent people are getting drawn into parting with houses, life savings and pensions in the name of deluded love. These people are predominantly men who are either widowed or divorced but increasingly, […]

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  • IMG_5440

    A Bath Spa Weekend

    We went to Bath at the weekend for what was regarded as something as a treat. It was at a grand looking place called the Macdonald Hotel and Spa on the edge of the town centre. I never really know how to do posh hotels in England as they are full of little extras that […]

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    Channel 4 – The Ballymurphy Massacre

    There was a documentary the other night about Ballymurphy Massacre during height of the Northern Ireland Troubles and it has got a lot people talking ahead of a new inquest hearing due to commence this month. The hearing at Belfast High Court is looking to discover what actually happened before, during and after the three-day […]

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  • Cook BlackandWhite

    When Boris and Alistair Visited The Oval!

    On Saturday afternoon the big TV screen at The Oval Cricket Ground scanned the ground as India and England battled out the 5th Test. It then locked onto former London Mayor, wannabe PM and all-round fat pig, Boris Johnson. For a moment, I wondered what would happen. Would he receive a few cheers, or would […]

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    The Confusion Surrounding Nationalism

    I got involved in quite a heavy Facebook debate yesterday where lots of people were pitching in with their penny worth of opinions, me included. What I found apparent was that there was a lot of confusion surrounding arguments that are more complex than they should ever be. In fact I got so confused I […]

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  • IMG_4978

    Booze Update – Have I Knocked off Some Units?

    A week has passed since I watched that Adrian Chiles (Drinkers Like Me) programme I have been going on about, meaning I have now managed to log my drinking habits in comparison to the week before, which came in at a rather shocking 49 Units. Well, here is the good news, for me at least. […]

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    Fact of the Day – EU Immigrants & Employment Law

    Now here’s something you do don’t hear often. Under EU Law, anyone moving to another member state (Poland to France for example) has three months to find a job or prove that they have the necessary funds to live off. If they cannot find work and do not have funds (savings or a pension for […]

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  • Drinkaware

    Adrian Chiles – Drinkers like Me – A Follow Up!

    So, did anyone watch that documentary with Adrian Chiles the other night? I thought it was really good as it wasn’t self-indulgent at all, just an honest assessment of his drinking habits and whether they can be controlled or not. I think the reason it struck a chord with me is because Chiles is a similar […]

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    Drinkers Like Me – Adrian Chiles

    I have always had a soft spot for Adrian Chiles going right back to the mid-nineties when he did a programme called ‘The Working Lunch’ at a time I first started out running my own business. Since then he has done a host of radio shows, MOTD 2 and various TV programmes, including the excellent […]

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