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    Bow Row, Black Rod and the Workings of Parliament!

    After the ‘Bow Row’ widely published in the right-wing media yesterday, I became curious about the Queen’s Speech and the state opening of Parliament. Of course, I found it on Wikipedia, discovering paragraph after paragraph of information, some of it interesting, some of it bizarre and some of it amusing, such as the grand opening […]

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    Is The Heatwave Caused by an Eastern European Influx?

    A joint study by The Daily Mailygraph and Daily Expression claims that the hot weather that has hit Britain this week is likely to have been caused by uncontrolled immigration into the country. The study carried out by Richard Littlecock and Anne Wobblybum, claims that the rise in land mass caused by the exodus of […]

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    Mick the London Firefighter – A Change in Order?

    When I saw the tweet from Mick, a London firefighter and the following reactions to it, it gave me hope amongst the misery, that ordinary folk have had enough of media barons distorting the truth to protect their own. When I saw the utter disdain and contempt aimed at The Daily Mail after they published a […]

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    Freedom From the Paralysis of too Many Choices!

    I was listening to BBC Radio 5 Live the other day and there was an interview on there with an Australian author called Tim Winton. Now, I don’t know whether it is ignorance on my part but I a don’t think I have heard of Tim Winton before. It was a striking interview with someone […]

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    May Stands Firm in the Coalition Rubble

    Well, go on then, pick the bones out of that. It is almost becoming a habit for sitting Tory MP’s to call presumptuous and arrogant elections only to find themselves smacked square in the face with a metaphorical custard pie. Cameron did the honourable thing and walked after his referendum nightmare, May has not, despite […]

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    Corbyn’s Campaign in Vain?

    As the last day of full day of campaigning draws to a close, it appears that many people think the election is going to throw up odd results and is very unpredictable. However, I think it will be more straightforward than that, unless the under 24’s come out in big numbers and those in traditional […]

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    Is this The End of May?

    When I went to the shop this morning, a lady in front of me held up her jar of coffee and said to me, the checkout girl, and anyone else who wanted to listen, the following dramatic sentence. “When wake up and realise you have no coffee….worst nightmare!!” “How about being lowered into a pit […]

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    The Danger of False Flag Operations!

    After the recent terrorist attack in Manchester that shocked us all, there have been rumours floating around that this may have been what is known as a ‘false flag’ operation. This ambitious claim is based around the fact that the Conservative party were in utter chaos on Monday morning, watching their apparently unassailable lead in […]

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    How do You Get Your Head Around the Slaughter of Kids?

    When someone gets killed in the line of duty trying to stop a violent attack, be it in the armed services or the police, rather than justify it, I can at least understand how it happens. When these ladies and gentleman join up, they are made aware that there may come a day when they […]

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  • The New iPhone 7

    Well, my upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 was remarkably straightforward, without the standard frustration and adrenalin rush that comes from being asked for passwords you had no idea you had ever created. Normally, these are something easy to remember, like B0b@l3th@bY-Re@d1ngFc followed by the surname of a second cousin’s pet hamster. I had to reset […]

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