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    Health & Safety & CRB’s and Political Correctness

    Now that I am 50, part me feels that I should be approaching a time when I sit in a pub bleating on about health safety and political correctness gone mad. However, I won’t, becauseĀ  health and safety at work and DBS checks in schools and recreational clubs are saving people from dying and getting […]

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    Darkest Hour

    I went to see the film ‘Darkest Hour’ on Tuesday night full of uncertainty about whether it would be decent or just another jingoistic propaganda movie about how great it was back in the old days. Well, I was pleasantly surprised as the acting was fantastic, right from the lead roles to the bit parts […]

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    Oxfam Scandal

    It is hard, even amongst the crazy events over the last couple of years, to imagine the context of the crisis engulfing Oxfam. I just can’t imagine that someone in grief stricken Haiti or Chad, could actually say, “Come on lads, get this bit cleaned up and we can go get some hookers!” At what […]

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    Suffragettes and Working Class Men 100 Years Ago!

    There has, justifiably, been a lot of news about the anniversary of women finally getting the vote 100 years ago. However, if you dig a little deeper, it does make you wonder how much historical facts distort over time. Check these facts out. 1/ Yes, women did get the vote 100 years ago, but only […]

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    Should We Fear the Madmen on the Tory Right?

    Nick Cohen – 3rd February 2017 The right does not want British institutions to take back control from the EU. It wants to take control of British institutions. Understand its raging ambition and you will understand why self-proclaimed Conservatives are so anxious to destroy. Patriots who shout about their love of country daily announce their […]

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    The Bitter Truth About Sugar!

      I have been having a few problems with weight in recent times and I don’t like it very much to be honest. In fact it is at the point where I can feel it in my knees that are already feeling a bit hard done by courtesy of the ageing process. I have looked […]

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    Is the World About to be Taken Over by Millie Tants?

    So, Phil Neville came out and apologised today and said he definitely wasn’t sexist. Definitely not, never, ever. I am not sure what sort of reassurance folk were looking for as he is not going to come out and say, “Yep, I’m a sexist, that’s why I took the job, so I could get on […]

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    Johnson Demands Five Bedroom Houses for the Homeless

    Rumours are circulating in the media that Boris Johnson has demanded that the government passes a bill to fund a housing programme to end homelessness. However, Johnson has apparently received a rebuke from Housing Minister, Dominic Raab, for interfering in Government housing programs and pushing for a project called ‘Boris Homes’ at a cost of […]

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    How to Choose a Good Wine!

    I was in Tesco at lunchtime today when a lady of about seventy approached me in the alcohol aisle (my favourite place) and asked if I could help her find a good red wine. I decided that I would take this request as me looking sophisticated rather than like an alcoholic and proceeded to ask […]

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    Cyrile Regis

    I was going to do a little piece on Cyril Regis last night but I decided not to as former players like Dion Dublin and Brian Deane did it much better and unlike me, knew him well. For people of my age group Cyril Regis was something of a phenomenon because back in the 1970’s […]

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