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    Rees Mogg – A Rags to Riches Tale of a People’s Champion!

    To many people, the rise and rise of conservative politician, Jacob Rees Mogg, has been a surprise, but to those who have seen him battle from poverty to would be Tory leader, it has been long expected. For Jacob, lovingly known as ‘The Haunted Pencil’ and ‘The Dickensian Nightmare’ has come from the school of […]

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    Never Forget the Tory Rebels Who Drove the Referendum!

    When people look to who is to blame for dividing the nation and creating hate, they should never go any further than the right wing rebels who drove the referendum agenda. These are people who are self-serving, riddled with corruption, second jobs that compromise their positions, and links to tax avoidance newspaper barons who gladly […]

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    It’s Lucky We Have Clever People Driving the Brexit Bus!

    If you are one of the people who still thinks that Brexit hasn’t descended into utter madness, I cordially invite you to read the following statements by key figures in the process that has divided a nation. Karen Bradley – Secretary of State for Northern Ireland “I freely admit that when I started this job, […]

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    Faux Moral Outrage as the Real Sinners Get Away With it!

    There is a strange attachment in the UK to being morally outraged by something, just to show we really care about our society. Last week we had palm oil, the burning of a mock Grenfell and poppies, which bring up tiresome arguments each year about how we should, or should not, show our respects to […]

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    What Better Than a Dog That Wears its Poppy With Pride?

    When I was enjoying the beauty of autumn at Danebury Hill yesterday, I noticed a bit of a commotion ahead of me. It was a group of dog type people, the sort who like to pour scorn on my choice of dried dog food or the dangers of throwing a spaniel a stick. As I […]

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    Conned into Looking Forward to the Past!

    Every year I try to pop along to watch Basingstoke Town play football. It is my own way of trying to show a bit of loyalty to what is known as ‘grass roots’ football. When I turned up on Saturday, nothing had changed and apart from the big screens showing multi-millionaires playing the same game […]

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    How a Dog Quashed My Autumn Blues!

    It is three years ago this month I decided to bring a dog into my life. Apart from the odd pat on the head, I have never really been much of a dog person if I am honest, but I needed something to break up long days of working alone at home before insanity overwhelmed […]

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    I Don’t Predict a Riot, I Don’t Predict a Riot!

    When I watched the scenes from the ‘Remain’ march in London last week I was very impressed, at least until I started wondering what they would achieve. Does a peaceful march make politicians do anything or does it just give them a platform to say that they fully support peaceful marches in a democracy, safe […]

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    The Almeria Greenhouses Killing the Environment and its Workers!

    Did anyone see ‘Mediterranean with Simon Reeve’ last night? Jeez, I don’t think I have been so shocked by something regarding our environmental breakdown. The Almeria greenhouses cover 100 square miles, can be seen from space, and they supply our Supermarkets, virtually all of them as far as I can gather. Unless you are a […]

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    The False Populist Revolt Against Noughties Immigration

    I was talking to a work colleague the other day about immigration in the noughties and whether that has had an effect on the way people think with regards to Brexit and a populist opinion. His theory is that because there was an influx of labour from newly appointed EU countries such as Lithuania, Latvia […]

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