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    Delusion and Confusion as Hard Brexit Looms!

    Before 2016, how many of you reading this had been drastically affected by decisions made by the European Union? Not many I bet and the truth is, most of us have probably benefitted from it in some small way (food standards, cleaner beaches etc) but not really noticed it to any degree. When I voted […]

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    We Want Our Polluted Beaches Back!

    One of the great things about leaving the EU is that we will be able to get our sovereign beaches back from unelected bureaucrats who hate Britain. Right up until 1998, our brave boys fought hard against EU regulation on cleaner beaches, showing true Dunkirk spirit as we battled to save our sovereign right to […]

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    England’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    Whilst Wales and Scotland tumbled out of the World Cup and both the Ireland’s go into the play-off lottery, England, much maligned and disappointing throughout, actually cruised to the finals with an 8 point cushion and no defeats. Qualifiers didn’t used to be like this and although England were often as turgid as they are […]

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    Moving Over to the Twitterside

    Over the last month or so I have been gradually been moving away from the joys of Facebook and utilising Twitter far more. I always thought that Twitter was for young trendy folk too ashamed to use Facebook; however, for wit, sharp writing and excellent instant information, it is in my opinion, streets ahead of […]

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    The Alarming Duds of May!

    A few years ago, I was watching England hammer the Aussies at cricket when a picture of a beleaguered Shane Watson came up on my TV screen. Momentarily, I felt for him as the barracking echoed from the stands and his lip quivered to the sporting misery that was unfolding around him. I have a […]

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    Just Let the Red Necks and the NRA Shoot Themselves!

    I’m bored of these American shootings, it’s just like hearing the same record over and over again. Everyone acts appalled, they light candles, they pray to a god scientists have long proven doesn’t exist, then buy more guns to protect themselves. Then everybody forgets about it until some other disaffected weirdo decides he wants to […]

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    If You Think Politics is Ugly Now…

    It was quite bizarre watching the Labour Party conference this week as it had an air of euphoria about which, considering the election was lost against Theresa May, the worst political leader in the entire history of world political leaders, was I thought, a touch over the top. Of course, the euphoria comes from Labour’s […]

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    A Love of Being Angry is Taking Over!

    I was happily walking along the River Test at Houghton on Friday when out of nowhere, I became involved in an extraordinary incident. It began as I walked past a lady in her sixties who was picking blackberries. I gave her the good old English nod accompanied by a hearty ‘what a lovely morning’ greeting […]

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    Boris- The Bastard Behind the Buffoonery

    About 20 years ago, when I was a fervent supporter of Reading FC, the then manager Mark McGhee, was up to some naughty business behind the backs of his employers, flirting with Leicester City and their vacant managerial post. It was the first time I took interest in the word machiavellian and it has kind […]

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    What Do You Get For Low Prices?

    When I am forced into Andover town centre to pay cheques in to the bank, I get free parking by popping into Lidl’s to buy basics like bread, milk and so on. Some of you probably don’t set foot in such a place but it is handy and really cheap for getting everyday bits and […]

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