About Me

I like to write about everything but have spent too much time writing about Brexit. Probably because it is critical to what kind of nation we will become.

Why Do I Write?

I like to write because about ten years ago I discovered that my spelling and grammar had deteriorated to the level of when I was about six years old. My desire was to improve and get back to a level where I can at least be understood. It is now an ongoing hobby and remarkably, I have around 100 people who regularly read my posts. Some do this because they like them, others do because they want to reaffirm their hatred for me, whilst a small minority read them just to see if I have made any mistakes with spelling and grammar. Say Hi, Email me

Things That Interest Me

  1. Cricket
  2. Dog Walking
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Listening to Music
  5. Boozing
Lots of other things interest me too but I can't think of too many of them at the time of setting up this page. When I do think of them, I will attempt to add them to the list but by then I will have forgotten how to edit the page, so please accept my apologies in advance.

  • Making Brexit a success is the equivalent of teaching your dog to drive. - Bob Lethaby
  • Come on man, hit the fucking thing!- Bob Lethaby
  • When Ian Botham plays against the Aussies, he is in his elephant.- Mark Cunningham