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    The Daily Mail and their Latest Fail!

    Before this blog starts, can I state that it is about lies and division, not an allegiance to Tony Blair, whose comments I treat with indifference rather than the recent trend of rabid hatred. I will start with a Daily Mail headline from this week. “Still Think He Wasn’t A Danger, Mr Blair? Fury at […]

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    Why Do We Give Foreign Aid?

    When a blog post about the starvation of the NHS or lack of funding for the elderly comes up, it inevitably goes down a line where at some point, the amount of money Britain sends in foreign aid comes up in the conversation. The tabloids can’t get enough of it. They specifically pick out examples […]

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  • IMG_6769

    John Bercow and the NHS Crisis

    “I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons.” Take all your political preferences away, read that sentence again, and tell me if it is not politically impartial. That’s where we […]

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  • IMG_6654

    Micheldever Tyres and Piano Tuners!

    “It’s been a rather uninspiring week” I said to myself as I drove along a filthy wet A303 on my way to Micheldever Tyres today. I have used Micheldever Tyres for years, not because I know anything about tyres, but because anyone who I know who does know about cars, says that if you don’t […]

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  • IMG_0559

    Ken Clarke Stands Firm Against Theresa the Appeaser!

    You have to admit, there was an air of desperation about Theresa May’s visit to America last week, bringing back memories of history lessons featuring Chamberlain’s ‘White Paper’. Of course there has been all manners of criticism towards Theresa May for visiting the Tangerine Fuhrer, but with Britain coming out of the EU, she will […]

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  • 3904

    Normalising Trump as May Jets In!

    In my opinion, the biggest concern anyone who is not a millionaire should have is the outcome of Theresa May seeking a trade deal with Donald Trump. I say that because in the aftermath of Brexit, ‘Stay’ campaigners like Theresa May, know that they must stick to the Brexit path whilst keeping the British economy […]

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    Fed up of Trump, Brexit and Wars? Get a Dog.

    In a week where we have seen the outlined plans for a ‘Hard Brexit’ as well as the inauguration of mad American President, it does make one wonder if we are indeed, living in a parallel universe. What has surprised me, on both sides of the pond, is the level of hatred that human beings […]

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  • Tesco-Optician

    Post Brexit Britain

    I went into Tesco’s last night seeking a pair of cheap reading glasses for my bedtime book read. I couldn’t find any so I headed to the opticians within the building and out bounded an enthusiastic Polish woman in her mid-twenties. Her enthusiasm was instantly infectious and she quickly took me to the aisle where […]

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  • grahamtaylor_profile

    Graham Taylor

    Poor old Graham Taylor will always be remembered by my generation as one of the worst ever England managers, a man who only made matters even worse by foolishly allowing himself to be part of a fly on the wall documentary on Channel 4. Quotes such as ‘Do I not like that’ and ‘Carlton (Palmer), […]

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    Britain Braced For January Weather!

    Britain is bracing itself for one of the top 35 coldest spells of January weather in the last 35 years later this week as quite cold northerly winds normally associated with January are due to set in. This January phenomenon could bring some of the coldest weather in the U.K. since last week and may, […]

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