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    Brexit With a Cricket Club Analogy

    What I can’t help noticing lately is how many people assume that a Brexit deal with our European neighbours should be easily solved by simply telling the EU countries what we want, and they can either lump it or like it. There is a theory that they need us just as much, if not more, […]

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    The World Cup is Over – We Can all Start Falling Out Again!

    For a while at least everything seemed to be going our way. The sun was shining and it seemed that everyone was buzzing with excitement at the prospect of England in a World Cup Final. Then after England flew out of the traps but failed to bury their opposition (Croatia) it all began to unfold […]

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  • 2521

    Can England Go All the Way?

    I don’t know about anyone of you reading this but I can’t concentrate on anything today, making admin cock up after cock up to the point where I am going to pack up for the day. I haven’t done myself any favours, playing a 1990 hit list on YouTube and reflecting back on when West […]

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  • Bozzer

    Was That Johnson’s Last Hurrah? He Won’t Think So!

    Someone on the radio this morning said how bizarre it seemed that we have a modern football manager overseeing a young, vibrant and humble World Cup squad in Russia, whilst back at home we have a rudderless government where those trying to find something economically sane to cling on to after Brexit, are getting stabbed […]

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  • southgate0407a

    Southgate Engaging With the Disconnected!

    Wasn’t it wonderful seeing England win a penalty shoot-out last night? To see these young lads emerge from a crisis and stay focussed after the bitter disappointment of conceding a late equaliser, was alien territory for me and those of my generation. In years gone by, England teams would have capitulated under the weight of […]

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  • A Trip to Riga, Latvia!

    I learnt two things about ‘City Breaks’ last weekend, the first being that they are great fun, the second being that they are very also tiring once you pass 50. Five of us left Gatwick on Thursday not quite knowing what to expect, except a cooler temperature in Riga than that of the recent heatwave […]

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  • Brexit Boy

    Twitter and the Worrying Signs of Picking on Remain Boy

    I love a good scroll through Twitter I do. It is far more entertaining than Facebook which sadly, has more or less been redefined into a social media platform where only self indulgence, mild mannered jokes and nice pictures are acceptable. The problem with Facebook is that when you start, you collect friends willingly, even […]

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    Tim Martin, Wetherspoons and Duty on Beers & Wines!

    One of the more, shall we say, charismatic Brexit figures, is rugged faced King of cheap booze, Tim Martin, owner of the JD Wetherspoon pub chains. Wetherspoon’s are well known for presenting well-kept beer at cheap prices due (I am led to believe) to it being purchased shortly before its sell by date and turned […]

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    Here Comes the World Cup!

    I feel like a bit of an impostor joining the World Cup bandwagon at this late stage as I have shown little or next to no interest in the qualifiers or indeed, football in general. As Frankie Boyle said in his excellent ‘Frankie Goes to Russia‚Äô¬†documentary, “Football is now a rich man’s game, with money […]

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    Understanding the Laws of the Land!

    Like many normal people, I was quite shocked last week about the level of support for racist knuckle dragger, Tommy Robinson, last week, mainly because of the lack of understanding regarding most basic aspects of law and justice the fucking idiot is perpetually trying to pervert. One of the strongest aspects of Britain (currently at […]

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