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  • Yemen.JPG_t1140

    Time to Stop Pretending the Yemen Famine Isn’t Happening!

    When the BBC report on the Yemen crisis came on last night, I was close to turning it off, or onto another channel. That’s because like everyone else, there is only so much depressing stuff my brain can take, especially along with the utter shambles that is Brexit as it draws to its ugly conclusion. […]

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  • 220px-Ed_Sheeran_2013

    Ed Sheeran and Corporation Tax

    As the corporation tax figures were published this week, it once again got me thinking, “Why do those who have so much, want to pay so little?” Because of this, somewhat bizarrely, I found myself congratulating pop star, Ed Sheeran, for paying his full corporation tax liability on £27 million profits. Without teaching people to […]

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  • IMG_6141

    A Man’s Best Friend!

    Here’s a bit of a heartwarming story to cheer folk up on a wet Saturday afternoon. I was walking over the Hampshire Downs yesterday when I approached a style. My dog was off on his travels, terrorising rabbits and pheasants but as always, I knew he would turn up at some point. Anyway, as I […]

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  • Royal-Bank-of-Scotland-Logo

    10 Years On…The Bank that Almost broke Britain!

    Sometimes it is hard to understand why Britain has become such a messed up place. When I saw Theresa May merrily dancing on to stage the other day like the good times were rolling, I thought three things. 1/ is her PR advisor secretly employed by Boris Johnson? 2/ how can austerity be over when […]

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  • IMG_5933

    I Went Glamping and all I Brought Back Was This Terrible Head Cold

    The last of the 50th Birthday celebrations were completed last weekend with a Glamping trip for my friend, Peter, which was kindly funded by his wife, Amanda. It was good to see old friends again (there were ten of us in total) and I was grateful to see that I wasn’t the only one who […]

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  • DA2

    Drinkaware One Month On!

    Well, I did promise that I would give an update on my Drinkaware App after a month, so being a man that sometimes keeps his word, I shall do so. What you will be glad to hear is that I haven’t turned into an evangelical tea total, living off water and celery sticks. However, for those […]

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  • Phasianus_colchicus_2_tom_(Lukasz_Lukasik)

    Time to End the War on Birdlife!

    Did anyone know that since 1975, Britain has lost half of its farmland birds and in total we have lost over 40 million birds in the UK?  Most people will never again hear a nightingale, see a turtle dove or a hen harrier and skylarks are disappearing from the skies as I write this post. […]

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  • IMG_5778

    Today’s Forecast – A Shower of Shite From Madden and Rao!

    For several years now, a chap called Nathan Rao has been publishing preposterous weather stories in The Daily Express, an alleged newspaper. Winter ‘forecasts’ in recent years have included the following shocking headlines that have also been lifted into other tabloids such as The Sun and The Star. “Coldest Winter in 100 Years on Way” […]

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  • May

    Well, That Went Well Theresa!

    Well that trip to Salzburg went well didn’t it? Poor old Theresa got humiliated, got incandescent about being humiliated and as a result carried all the confidence of someone who has seen a ghost, defecated in their pants, and realised they were wearing white trousers. Or as one journalist from The Independent hilariously described her […]

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  • IMG_5586

    Romance Fraud!

    I was reading a shocking article the other day about the seemingly unstoppable rise in what is known as romance fraud and how intelligent people are getting drawn into parting with houses, life savings and pensions in the name of deluded love. These people are predominantly men who are either widowed or divorced but increasingly, […]

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