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    How do You Get Your Head Around the Slaughter of Kids?

    When someone gets killed in the line of duty trying to stop a violent attack, be it in the armed services or the police, rather than justify it, I can at least understand how it happens. When these ladies and gentleman join up, they are made aware that there may come a day when they […]

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  • The New iPhone 7

    Well, my upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 was remarkably straightforward, without the standard frustration and adrenalin rush that comes from being asked for passwords you had no idea you had ever created. Normally, these are something easy to remember, like B0b@l3th@bY-Re@d1ngFc followed by the surname of a second cousin’s pet hamster. I had to reset […]

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    Corporation Tax and How it Works!

    Because I run a small business, I am aware of corporation tax and the workings of it. This is not because I am particularly interested in accounts, I just have to be aware of these things so I know when to pay tax on any profits I might make. Due to my general lack of […]

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    Embarking on the Variants of Shame

    I was driving along the other day when I came to a set of temporary traffic lights. As they turned to green, I drove past the stationary traffic waiting at the other end and raised my hand from the steering wheel to acknowledge those who had let me past. Suddenly, I realised that no one […]

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  • Can Labour Avoid a Landslide?

    From the little I have seen from the council elections  today, the Labour Party look like they are going to get a Michael Foot style trouncing in the general election in a couple of weeks time. Of course, this was always going to be the case where I live in North West Hampshire where the […]

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    There Goes April 2017

    Since getting a dog, I have learnt to enjoy all the seasons, the rain, frost, wind, sunshine, the lot. It really is a revelation having a pet that allows you to meander through fields, clocking up the miles without even knowing it. However, April remains a favourite as this is when we are reminded that […]

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    Getting Caught up With Facebook Ranters!

    When the referendum was called as part of David Cameron securing an election victory in 2015, I was not alone in thinking that it could lead to disastrous consequences, with people not really knowing what they were voting for being driven on by jingoistic media hysteria. However, no matter how reasonable I tried to be […]

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  • Turkeys Expected to Vote for Christmas Landslide!

    Latest polls from the Bernard Matthews estate in Norfolk suggest overwhelming support for a vote for Christmas this year. Despite overwhelming evidence that Christmas will take place, the majority of turkeys have been convinced by a campaign in Poultry Bugle that a vote for leader, Rupert Murdacre, is in their best interests. Meanwhile, a small […]

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    Victoria Beckham – An OBE at Last!

    I was delighted to see in the news today that Victoria Beckham has received an OBE for her services to something or the other. With her dreadful voice, dubious fashion range and an unflappable ability to encourage young girls to take the bulimia route to looking sexy, it is no less than this faux Queen […]

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    The General Election – A Pursuit of a One Party State

    “The country is coming together, Westminster is not” – Theresa May, April 2017 That sentence alone, should be enough to make people wonder if Theresa May has any clue whatsoever, what sort of evangelist righteous path she is leading us down. Unless I have missed a glorious unification of the masses in the last 48 […]

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