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    Dai & The Ramblers at The Hyde Tavern

    It is always difficult to write a music blog as I am not a music critic working for MOJO or the NME but what I have liked doing over the last decade is listening to as much music as I can, rather than becoming entrenched in one genre like someone saying ‘You can’t beat a […]

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  • IMG_5995

    Welcome to Winter as Autumn Passes!

    Winter starts today; at least it does if you are a weather forecaster and not an astrologist. For those folk, we have another three weeks of autumn to go but meteorologists like to break the seasons up into exact quarters for, as I recall, statistical purposes (solstices and equinoxes fall on different days each year […]

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  • MW-EH522_trump__ZG_20160309122009

    Green Light for Trump to Open Fire on Muslim Restaurant

    Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has allegedly given the green light for Donald Trump to open fire on a Muslim owned restaurant on his state visit next year. According to sources, the narcissistic nazi will be allowed to use a semi-automatic assault rifle on staff at a yet to be named Southall restaurant. This will be […]

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  • IMG_5910

    Progression Versus Regression

    As the years, decades and centuries pass, we tend to evolve and move forward, trying to find ways of making amends for previous poor judgement, whether it be in the environment, the financial sector or by our treatment of other nations that may have seemed logical at the time. There are problems along the way […]

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  • IMG_5581

    James Gray the ‘Jack-In-The-Box’

    When I was at the Spike Island prison in Cork Harbour on Saturday, I was absolutely delighted with the new addition to the bulging useless facts department of my brain. It came courtesy of 28 year-old Mr James Gray from Manchester, England. James Gray the Jack-In-The Box Gray designed a spring loaded box that could […]

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  • IMG_5616

    A Trip to Cork!

    The first thing you notice when travelling to Cork is that if you ask anyone for directions you could be there for some time, as they do love to talk. The first time we did this we asked a chap if there were any traditional pubs he would recommend. He asked if we had been […]

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  • Turning 50

    I have been quite reflective about turning 50 this week, with a few events happening around me that were unforeseen but challenging and exciting at the same time. It was 10 years ago this week when I realised that I was no longer going to be married and it has certainly been ten years that […]

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    Theresa May, Dacre’s Banquet and Human Empathy!

    I have not known many very wealthy people in my time. I have known a few who have done quite well but I have only ever known one who worked with and mixed with the people at the very top of city institutions earning money that would make a Premier League footballer wince. She was […]

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  • btlhm_9727

    Cabinet Minister Did Nothing Wrong!

    Under pressure cabinet minister, Pritti Narstee, says she did nothing wrong after bumping into a leading figure of the Israeli Army in a queue for a water slide at Aqualand in Portugal. Narstee, who is the former chair of the the campaign group ‘Enemies of Palestine’ denies that she organised the meeting with Israeli delegate, […]

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  • p05m436v

    A Working Man’s Austerity is a Rich Man’s Paradise!

    I doubt very much that the Queen of England knew what her financial team were doing with the £10 million they stuck in offshore accounts to avoid tax. I can’t imagine that she turned to Prince Philip and said, “Phillip, one has found ten million pounds under the mattress and one is wondering how one […]

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