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    How to Choose a Good Wine!

    I was in Tesco at lunchtime today when a lady of about seventy approached me in the alcohol aisle (my favourite place) and asked if I could help her find a good red wine. I decided that I would take this request as me looking sophisticated rather than like an alcoholic and proceeded to ask […]

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    Cyrile Regis

    I was going to do a little piece on Cyril Regis last night but I decided not to as former players like Dion Dublin and Brian Deane did it much better and unlike me, knew him well. For people of my age group Cyril Regis was something of a phenomenon because back in the 1970’s […]

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    Carillion Goes Bust!

    Here are my thoughts on Carillion going into liquidation today. It is a bad day for the construction industry and will have far reaching consequences for subcontractors and suppliers. Don’t worry, it is not a trend towards Vlog only posts as I prefer writing but I thought this one was worthy. I only hope that […]

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    First Attempt at a Vlog – Spackman, The Troggs and Panes

    This is my first ever attempt at a Vlog and believe me it is not easy and much harder than writing as you have to try to keep flowing whereas when you write, you can take a break and have a cup of tea. I have done this as an experiment after one of the […]

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    Catherine Deneuve, #MeToo and Sexual Harassment!

    I always thought that if any woman was to speak out against the #MeToo campaign that swept around the world in the light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, she would be French. I don’t know why to be honest; it is probably just a dubious stereotype I have seeded in my brain with regards the […]

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    January Crisis – Diets, Debts and NHS

    The first week back at work after Christmas always features me listening to radio phone in shows where people are taking advice on debt and diets or bemoaning the demise of the National Health Service. It’s like Groundhog Day is the first week of January. At Christmas, I am led to believe, we spend too […]

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  • Shengen

    Bullshit Arguments and the Schengen System

    I was in a little pub a while back where I was half involved in a conversation with people I vaguely knew, this being on the basis that I had said hello to them a few times before. The eldest guy then said…“Well, when it gets to the point you have no control over your […]

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    One Thousand up for Christmas!

    I have just noticed that this is blog is number one thousand since I started writing for a hobby way back in 2008. That is a lot of blog posts but judging by the fact that they take roughly an hour to produce, I would need to write nine thousand more to become an expert […]

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    The Ennoblement of Preposterous Tales!

    I was walking my dog the other day when I bumped into an elderly woman who I see sporadically on the more hidden trails of Danebury and Longstock. A quirky lady, as wide as she is tall, she always has a good yarn to tell, never letting the truth get in the way of a […]

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    Ashes Failure is Another Disaster For Participation in Cricket

    If you don’t know anything about cricket or are not interested, let me apologise for this blog. If you don’t know anything about cricket but you are interested anyway, the England cricket team flew into Australia a couple of weeks ago seriously undermanned and, if we are realistic, without a hope in current Ashes series. […]

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