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Feeling Liberated From Hope in Cornwall

Posted on August 5, 2023

When I drove down to Cornwall last week, a strange thing happened. I knew the weather was going to be utterly miserable but I didn’t care. I was looking forward to a break and there was nothing the weather could do about it. Hope and Despair Why was this? How could I possibly be looking forward to a wet break? Well, it’s like this. There is an old saying that goes, “Give me despair, I can take despair…it’s the hope that kills ...

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The Death of the Pub

Posted on January 13, 2023

I went to a pub for a birthday meal last night. It was expensive and bang average. I can’t bring myself to say the pub's name, as on occasion, my blogs get picked up and put on web pages for crap pubs or something. I haven’t got the heart to put another nail in it’s coffin as the staff were nice and glad of company on another pitifully slow night. An Unwanted Cocktail Most country pubs appear to be finished. They are dealing with ...

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Why I Like Brighton

Posted on November 20, 2022

When I was down in Brighton for my birthday, I was wondering why I love it so much. The seafront isn’t exactly a place of natural beauty and parts of the town are a bit rundown. The Laines and Loakes However, once you get around ‘The Laines’ area, everything comes to life. I wasn’t expecting that in November. The sheer vibrance of the colours and the eclectic array of independent shops is an antidote to the dreary retail areas in ...

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A Taste of Portugal…In Andover!

Posted on November 8, 2021

I had to go into Andover today. It’s not the most attractive of towns but my friend John had told me about this little place (pictured). It’s a Portuguese bar, café, and shop, selling produce only from Portugal. It even had Portuguese TV on the screen on the wall. You can get a nice coffee, a glass of wine, or a pint of Sagres. I wish there were more little places like this. It can, albeit briefly, make you feel like you are on ...

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The Abbott’s Mitre

Posted on August 19, 2020

I don’t know about everyone else, but the more I learn to cook at home, the worse pub food seems. Let’s face it, £13.00 for a chicken burger featuring a bit of salad and some mayo, washed down with a £9.00 glass of wine, is not good value. So, it makes a pleasant change to write a gushing Blog about The Abbott’s Mitre in Chilbolton. I go in there about once a week at the most, with the dog. I get a meal for about a tenner, and a ...

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