Race & Prejudice

Posted on June 18, 2020

I have been thinking a lot about racism and prejudice this week. I still don’t know enough about it to be anywhere near an expert. Still, I hope what I am about to write makes sense. The problem as I see it, is there are a lot of people who have convinced themselves they are not racists because they are fundamentally decent. They wouldn’t scream racial obscenities like those morons in London last week; so, in their mind, that means they ...

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Who Was Edward Colston?

Posted on June 8, 2020

Born in Bristol in 1636, Colston was an entrepreneur. As his fortune amassed, he gave handsome sums to churches, schools and other good causes and charities. However, Colston’s fortune was made from exploiting roughly 100,000 West Africans. Men, women, and children were taken and thrown on to slave ships heading across the Atlantic. His statue, until yesterday, represented him as an honourable philanthropist who built Bristol. That is over ...

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The Rise of the Nazis – BBC 2

Posted on September 22, 2019

There has been a three part documentary on BBC Two recently about how the Nazis came to power in 1930's Germany. Whatever your political persuasion, it is worth watching as it shows just how quickly Germany changed from a liberal democracy to full on fascist. Now, I know much has changed since then and a fascist movement, you would think, would struggle to gain enough traction for power in the modern world. However, there are striking ...

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Donald Trump and the Redneck Dream

Posted on March 15, 2016

Every time I think about writing something regarding Donald Trump, I decide to wait a little longer as I am probably only a week or so away from him doing or saying something even more outrageous than ever as he goes about the business of making Hitler look like a Liberal. Being from the United Kingdom, what I do find hard to understand is whether there is a genuine threat that he will become the next President of the United States. My ...

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Remembrance Hijacked by the Right-Wing Media

Posted on November 9, 2015

When I saw the right-wing media using the remembrance Sunday service to once again, try to discredit Jeremy Corbyn, I wondered whether it could be a turning point in the minds of the British public. Yet again we saw the poppy fascists leap all over Corbyn, supposedly because of an alleged half-hearted bow. This, despite the fact that when the cameras had all gone home and other MP's had dispersed to a VIP lunch, he was spotted applauding and ...

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