England – World Cup Winners in the Most Dramatic Way!

Posted on July 15, 2019

I always wondered what it would be like for England to win something. I was born after 1966 but I do remember the rugby in 2003 where I felt like I was at someone else’s party. I quite like rugby as a sport, but I have never had anything other than a tenuous link with England regarding any passionate support. RFU people aren’t really my type if I am entirely honest. I have loved football and cricket for as long as I can remember but ...

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Ignorance is the Key to the Anti-Antisemitism Issue!

Posted on July 11, 2019

The biggest problem with the Labour Party and the antisemitism problem that just won’t go away, is ignorance. If you asked 80% of the UK population to differentiate between being Jewish and Zionist, they wouldn’t be able to help you. This ignorance has been utilised by the sections of the media looking to attack Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist vision. However, it is also an issue amongst Labour Party members and the public. It also ...

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Beware the Rushing Cows

Posted on July 3, 2019

I got butted by a cow on Stockbridge Common yesterday morning. It wasn’t that aggressive really, but it was, without doubt, telling me to bugger off. I always thought cows were friendly things until I googled “are cows dangerous”. The answers were quite startling, with loads of reports of deaths and trampling’s over the last twenty years or so. If a herd rushes at you, let’s face it, you haven’t got much chance. The Stats ...

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Big Mouth Strikes Again

Posted on June 29, 2019

They say never meet your heroes. I have always said it is best never to have them, as they will only let you down. As a child and a young man, Paul Weller (The Jam) was a bit of hero of mine and so was Joe Strummer (The Clash).Luckily, I grew out of all that years after 'Eton Rifles' but years before Paul Weller sent his kids to private school. As a consequence I never got upset. Joe Strummer croaked it whilst he was still quite cool. It was ...

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A Week in the Life of the Tory Party!

Posted on June 21, 2019

Nothing could have summed up a week in the life of the Tory party better. A serving MP virtually assaulting a woman. Not only a woman, but a member of an organisation that is trying to highlight the destruction of the planet. A planet we are all guilty of destroying. It was a dystopian moment. It came in a week where the Conservative Party have scrapped it out to see who is the biggest cunt to lead them. The cream has risen to the top. Super ...

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