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Spurs Fail to Deliver Last Minute Catastrophe!

Spurs players were left reeling last night after just missing out on their finest ever catastrophe.With the final seconds ticking away, Christian Eriksen delivered a sumptuous misplaced pass that landed at the feet of Sergio Aguero. Sterling slid the ball home and Tottenham's dream tragi-comedy was complete. And then it wasn't. The scoreboard lit up...offside! ...

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A Short Trip to Rye

Sometimes, I think we all obsess so much about going abroad, we don’t bother to visit places in the UK. There are obvious climatic reasons behind this, but I do think it is worth visiting places nearby more often. This weekend we headed off to Rye on an AirB&B weekend. I am not very familiar with the south east of England. Apart from Dover for ferries ...

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Drinkers Like Me – A Six Month Review!

It dawned on me at the weekend that last week I passed the six month mark using the Drinkaware app. This personal fad started after watching the Adrian Charles documentary 'Drinkers Like Me'. So how have I done? Well, I'm going to tell you, whether you like it or not. The Stats Since the 1st September the first to 31st March there has been a total of 212 ...

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Webb, Donald & I

I was talking to my youngest son the other day and he mentioned that he has a dubious claim to fame. He works with the daughter of former Premier League and highly regarded international referee, Howard Webb. This triggered in my memory a bizarre incident that I was involved in, in 2008. It happened when I was on my way to Warsaw to visit my friend Trevor, who ...

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Jesus Sends Nigel to Rescue Brexit!

When I voted to remain in the European Union nearly three years ago, I did it based on research. That research told me that the Leave campaign was a blatant right-wing con job. It was, I believed, targeting fertile ground and aiming at people who could be led on impulse. Three years on, after a series of investigations, the Leave campaign has been proven to have ...

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