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Pub Bullshitter Big Mick Throws His Flat Cap in the Ring for England Manager Role

In a move that has shocked absolutely no one at the Red Lion, local legend and self-proclaimed football tactician, Big Mick, has announced his application for the England manager role, vowing to replace the outgoing "Wokegate" regime of Gareth Southgate. Bar Mat Manifesto Big Mick, who has spent the last three decades propping up the bar at the Red Lion after ...

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A Roller Coaster of Emotions: Reflecting on England’s Loss to Spain

Cloudy Skies and Cloudy Feelings When I saw yesterday's weather forecast predicting a cloudy and wet day, I couldn't help but think England would lose last night. It always seems to be gloomy the day after an England defeat. While this might not be true, it certainly feels that way. However, the loss last night didn't carry the same desperation as that wet night ...

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The Prefrontal Cortex: Trying to Understand Angry Impulse and Calm Logic

When reading some recent comments about Gareth Southgate, I noticed a pattern. Those who were particularly nasty towards him used terms like "Wokegate" to be derogatory, similar to how they speak about politicians or other disliked figures. Upon examining the profiles of those who claimed they could manage better than Southgate and expressed intense dislike, a ...

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England Stay Calm and Resilient to Create History

When Germany thumped Scotland 5-1, amidst all the euphoria and the "Germany will take some beating" hype, a few people dared to whisper that it’s how teams finish a tournament, not how they start it, that counts. It’s true as well. It always has been. Over the years, anyone who has watched football will have seen teams start strong before running out of ...

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Understanding NIMBY: Starmer’s First Gamble

Ever heard of the term "NIMBY"? No, it’s not the latest tech gadget or a quirky new dance move to rival twerking. NIMBY stands for "Not In My Backyard," a term that perfectly captures the sentiment of residents who are all for progress—just not when it happens close to their homes. Think of it as the neighbourhood equivalent of wanting your cake and eating it ...

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