Gatwick Airport-Welcome to Hell

Posted on August 20, 2019

If you don’t own a dog, you will not know that feeling of deserting it and going on holiday. It knows you are going somewhere, but it doesn’t have a clue how long for. “Perhaps it’s forever?”, it thinks. It is a pathetic lump in the throat moment. Dogs and their master become incredibly attached. An early morning arrival at Gatwick was a painful reminder of how much I hate the place. A paradise of irony as rabid, track-suited ...

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MP’s Will Do Anything to Avoid No Deal, But Will They Do That?

Posted on August 16, 2019

When I heard about Jeremy Corbyn’s letter offering to be temporary PM, I thought, “Oh no, what has he done now?” Then I read it and I thought, “Well, that all seems to make perfect sense!” It makes sense because he has offered to (in the event of a vote of no confidence) lead the house whilst a general election is organised, and party manifestos are put in place. This should satisfy the majority of the house who, we are told, ...

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The Ironic Journey of the Blue Passport!

Posted on August 14, 2019

Who can remember when it was announced that we would, as part of getting our country back, be getting blue passports? Not just blue passports but BLUE PASSPORTS! Personally, I found it quite ironic that the maniacs on the verge of masturbation at this great show of patriotism don’t care for foreigners very much. Why get a passport when they are not likely to travel? Maybe the new blue passport would simply stay in the drawer, or perhaps it ...

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The Sakura Sushi and Teppanyaki Grill, Winchester

Posted on August 12, 2019

Ever since learning to cook a bit (I am only average at best) I have found going out to eat, increasingly tedious. Finding good food places is not easy, especially amongst countless restaurants and pubs where mediocre fayre is the norm. I guess this is partly down to the consumer wanting to be safe with the dishes. This I assume, leaves chefs in fear of being adventurous with regards to experimentation with herbs and spices etc. This can ...

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Mad Cabinet Heads Towards Crisis Point!

Posted on August 6, 2019

With a No Deal Brexit looking increasingly like an Austin Maxi shuddering towards the white cliffs of Dover, I am beginning to wonder if it can be stopped? Boris Johnson and his cabinet of retarded sycophants daren’t put the handbrake on through fear of reality, so on they must go. However, with a one seat majority and enough Tories who hate Johnson and hate his de facto deputy (Dominic Cummings) even more, this has a long way to run. It ...

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