Two Tier Health is Already Here

Posted on August 8, 2022

A chap I know from cricket hurt his back the other week. He went to hospital, and they sent him packing to his GP as being in agony was not urgent. His GP said he would need an MRI scan but that would take three to six months. Pay up or Feel the Pain So, in pain, he bought one for £300.00. A few days later, I had a replacement crown on my front tooth. There are no NHS dentists, so it costed me £677.00. I could have left it to go ...

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Self-Employment, Unions and Workers Rights

Posted on August 4, 2022

I only ever experienced being in a union once. It was at the AWE when it was the Civil Service. I was only 18 so I didn’t really know or care what a union was. All that I knew was that there was to be a strike and my boss, Anne, disapproved. I didn’t like her, so I went on strike, which involved turning up to a meeting for an hour, then having a half day. Workers Rights Thereafter, up until I set up my own business, any protection I ...

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Sinking to Blaming the French for Our Decision

Posted on July 26, 2022

I was imagining the other day what it would be like to work in customs when the law about checking passports changed. When I used to go to France a fair bit, you just had to hold your passports up, barely braking as you did so. If there was a queue building, they hardly bothered even looking. Stamping Passports Now they must mess about stamping the passports one by one. If a family of five are going on holiday, what a ball ache that must ...

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Truss – Ready to Lead by Watching the Crowd and Running to the Front!

Posted on July 21, 2022

So, Liz Truss is ‘ready to lead, trusted to deliver’. By whom exactly? By the Lib Dems she was president of at university? By the Remain voters she campaigned vigorously on behalf of in 2016? Or the swivel eyed ERG freaks who have done so much damage to the UK. Trusting Truss Why would anyone in their right mind trust Liz Truss to deliver? There’s a simple answer to that. It’s the swivel eyed lunatics in the Tory membership. ...

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Heatwaves, 1976 and Denis Howell

Posted on July 19, 2022

Over the last few days of record-breaking temperatures, much has been mentioned (mainly by older folks who think they’re hard) about the famed summer of 1976. I was eight at the time and the only thing I really remember is my mother doing some bizarre pagan like dance when it rained. Oh, and the smell of the rain on dry surfaces. Even when I smell that now, it takes me back to that summer. False Comparisons Comparing the summer of 1976 ...

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