The Good Law Project

Posted on August 5, 2021

Most people who are reading this post will be paying tax and national insurance or would have done, in the past.  Most of us pay our tax willingly enough. However, for high earners or those with businesses subject to corporation tax on top of income tax, it sometimes feels like a perpetual dishing out of money to the HMRC. Personally, I don’t pay huge amounts of tax because I don’t really work hard enough these days. However, as a ...

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The Great Pandemic Robbery

Posted on July 30, 2021

Through my business, I have been hearing various tales of pandemic fraud. These have generally come from sources close to contractors or businesses taking advantage of self-employed grants and government backed loans. Some of these tales have a whiff of bar stool bullshit about them, whilst others get me feeling agitated. A pandemic, you might hope, would be a collective effort, not a moment of opportunism where hastily put together rescue ...

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Beating off Racial Stereotypes

Posted on July 23, 2021

I was speaking to a chap who carries out work for my company, the other day. We got onto the subject of racism and the recent abuse of England’s black footballers. I have known him a long time, so he admitted to me that until he started running projects in London, he had always carried inherent racist attitudes. It was when he started working in London that he realised to himself that he had a head full of stereotypes. These had been ...

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The Month of Joy the Enabled Tried to Ruin!

Posted on July 13, 2021

As I looked around the dejected faces of the cricket club on Sunday night, I felt sad for the young people feeling what I did 31 years ago after a dramatic night in Turin. The sick part of me also felt glad that these people should be subjected to the misery I once endured. But mostly, I felt empathy. I felt miserable too, but like many of my age group, I am battle hardened, so it didn’t last more than an hour. I have witnessed no fewer ...

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Daft Superstitions and Nice Footballers

Posted on July 10, 2021

I was speaking to a chap I know the other day and I mentioned our cricket club had been showing football on the TV if he wished to watch the final there. He told me that he would like to, but because he had watched previous games in the same the pub, he didn’t want to put a curse on the team by changing now. How bonkers is that? Can you imagine the scenario? Gareth Southgate is on the training ground. He is going through various systems ...

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