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Just Let the Red Necks and the NRA Shoot Themselves!

I’m bored of these American shootings, it’s just like hearing the same record over and over again. Everyone acts appalled, they light candles, they pray to a god scientists have long proven doesn’t exist, then buy more guns to protect themselves. Then everybody forgets about it until some other disaffected weirdo decides he wants to […]


Sadness, Irony and a Bit of Common Sense – Another Mad Week in Britain

As every week passes, Britain seems to go that bit more crazy and this week has been no exception, with lashings of the following. Sadness  The murderer of MP, Jo Cox, Thomas Mair, was sentenced to life behind bars this week and will never be released. It doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is, she […]


Je Suis Ankara…Non Monsieur!

Ankara, the capital of Turkey was blasted by a car bomb for the third time in three months on Sunday, once again claiming dozens of lives and leaving the bustling city in a state of confused chaos. It made the news for a while, gaining about the same coverage as England being crowned Six Nations […]