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Saka Has His Pearce Moment as England Find a Way!

A Journey into the Beautiful Game Many years ago, a friend of mine was guiding his son towards a career in professional football. I went to watch him play a few times, and he became a local star around Oxford, attracting interest from several clubs. He was a very good player but seemed to flit in and out of games like a Wi-Fi signal at a Turkish hotel. The ...

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Off the Chez Lounge and an Iconic Moment at Oakley Cricket Club!

Yesterday, I pried myself off the chaise lounge, breaking a long-standing habit and watching the football at Oakley Cricket Club. Given that it’s a place where many of my personal disasters unfold, it felt rather fitting to be watching England there. For reasons I can’t explain, I was quietly confident that England would win handsomely. I thought that with the ...

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Passion Isn’t Everything: The Myth About England’s Football Team

Every time the England football team faces a setback, there's an obligatory chorus of boring voices claiming the players lack passion. Pundits, fans, and critics alike bemoan the supposed absence of fiery determination, suggesting that if only the players showed more passion, victories would follow. This narrative, however, is utter twaddle. The idea that passion ...

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Why Do England Struggle in Group Stages at Major Tournaments?

As a chez lounge supporter of the England football team, it’s both perplexing and, let’s be honest, occasionally bloody annoying to watch the squad’s recurring struggles against teams that the tabloids label as "minnows" during major tournaments. I have attempted to look what's behind this phenomenon, whilst trying to keep my sense of moderate optimism intact ...

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A View From the Chez Lounge – Green Shoots as England win Group?

England vs Slovenia: Match Report First Half: A Scrappy Start Early Struggles and Disallowed Goal So, after a barbecue on a scorching afternoon, it was back to the Chez Lounge. During the first 20 minutes, Slovenia (ranked 57 in the world) appeared slightly better in a depressingly scrappy start to the game. England's early showing was marred by a host of ...

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