The Stresses and Strains of Dry January

Posted on January 9, 2019

I have heard two theories regarding the recent fad of dry January. Theory one is that January is enough of a depressing month as it is. So why would anyone want to kick the booze? Theory two is that because there is bugger all happening in January. So, you might as well make it the month where you take a break from alcohol. Why not flush the old system out. So far, I have remained the clean in January without much stress apart from ...

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Christian Values – What Are They?

Posted on January 6, 2019

I spend a lot of time working at home, so it gives me ample opportunity to hear the voice of the people giving their opinion on radio programmes such as the James O’Brien or Nick Campbell shows. One of the terms that grates me even more than ‘WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK’ (often pronounced CANTREE) is ‘THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND OUR CHRISTIAN VALUES’ when it comes to refugees or indeed, our exit from the European Union (you may have heard ...

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My Letter to Kit

Posted on January 3, 2019

I have decided that in light of Seaborne Freight Services deal that Chris Grayling says is very good, I would write to my local MP in Andover, Kit Malthouse.Here is my letter: Hi Kit, In the light of a possible 'No Deal' Brexit in March, I have been considering starting up a Ferry business to lighten the load on transport services that are likely to get gridlocked due to issues with border control and tariffs. I haven't got much money ...

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Happy New Year as the Booze is Curtailed Again!

Posted on January 2, 2019

I took the Christmas decorations down today, as I could not really see the point in hanging on to the festive season for much longer. I feel a strange feeling of sadness when it comes to removing decorations. It is one that kind of reminds me of packing away a tent after a sodden week of camping in Swanage. I should be glad it is all over but part of me wishes it wasn’t. The end of the Christmas is hardly enhanced by the grey dank wea...

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Seaborne Freight and the Tax Payer’s £14 Million

Posted on December 31, 2018

The headline on BBC last night was about the activity of a company called Seaborne Freight. It has been given just shy of £14 million of a £100 million contingency plan to provide freight services in the event of a 'No Deal' Brexit. The stand out concern here appears to be that Seaborne were given the money without a tender process...oh and they don't have any ferries. They don’t have any money or assets either, but that's just a techni...

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