The Last Few Days

Posted on September 20, 2008

The last few days has seen a taste of what summer should be like, with clear blue skies being somewhat of a novelty to those witnessing it across the south of England. People are coming out of their houses admiring this rare event in the same way they would seeing a total eclipse. That is just how shite our Summer has been!

Anyway, on Thursday night I went to Brian and Lorraine’s for a moving house farewell glass of wine that descended in to a farewell barrell of wine, loads of crap being talked, a great laugh, and thumping hangover on Friday which lasted until midday. However, it did clear up in time to do they boys cricket presentation on Friday night at Oakley CC. Pictures will follow here soon.

Today I took the lads (and Peter) to watch Reading play away at Watford, and though it is dump, going to watch football at Watford is a bit of a nostalgia trip. Modern football grounds are now generally like clinical out of town superstores on soulless developments near motorway junctions, but Watford’s ground is still amongst the terraced streets and retains its working class routes. The game itself had a bizarre first “goal” for Reading. Stephen Hunt whipped in a corner which was contested by Noel Hunt and Eustace at the near post. The ball bounced over the line – four yards wide of the goal – before being hooked back into play by Noel Hunt. Reading’s Andre Bikey headed back towards goal, where keeper Scott Loach made a save, but the linesman had already flagged not for a corner as expected – for a goal! Icredibly the referee gave Reading the goal to total bemusement around the stadium. The game ended 2-2.

Pictures are of clear skies over Basingstoke, the slightly run down Watford stadium, fans walking through the terace streets to the game, George, Harry and I taking in some sun in a pub near the ground, and George and Harry buying their lunch from the pub barbecue. I have proved what a great single Dad I am today by allowing the lads burgers for lunch, and Curry (George) and fish and chips (Harry) for dinner! Nee Naw Nee Naw……… Bad Dad alert, Bad Dad alert, arrest that man, he is not fit to father children!!!

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