George On A Roll

Posted on June 19, 2009

George retired at 32 not out in a win against Yateley on Monday, his second retirement in a week, he also took two wickets and two catches in a individual great performance. George has put alot of efforts in to getting better and is now getting the rewards.

I wish that I had had the same coaching as him when I was a lad, I would love to be able to play cricket with at least a bit of style, but I can’t. Because I have a good eye, I can stay in for ages, but I don’t know how to score runs. Last week I scored four in an hour, I just can’t follow through with my shots, the forward defensive being the only thing I can do, and to be honest, it is more a sideways defensive as I can’t get my front foot to the ball. I can bowl a bit, and I do get the odd wicket, but my run up and delivery resemble someone trying to get away from a wasp.

George is by no means the best cricketer around, but he is pretty useful (3rd in league bowling figures, and 5th in the batting averages) and he plays with a bit of a graceful and lucid style that I am beginning to envy, as it is too late to teach an Old Bob new tricks.

Of course his biggest test will come when his rich vein of ends abrubtly at the hands of a quick bowler, or a destructive batsmen. How he resonds to that will be key to how far he can progress, but even if he plays, college, university or village cricket at a decent level I will be proud………………………….and just a little bit jealous as well!!!

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