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Posted on January 28, 2010

As always in life sometimes it is time for a change of scenery, and I am such a boring bastard I have spent the evening changing the face of my blog. Most notable is the comments section at the bottom of each blog. Some people have said they have tried to comment but have been unable to, as they are not fellow bloggers. You will be ecstatic to learn that this is now possible by clicking comment, and ticking the box either saying Name/URL if you want me to know you hate me, or anonymous, if your comment is so vitriolic you would rather I couldn’t find you.

I have also added other things such as websites I find useful or I am affiliated to, plus a newsreel at the top of the page…..this is just a trial and if you think it is rather shit looking, add your comment and I will remove these add ons promptly. I only write it, you read it.

I have been doing this because I am at Di’s house whilst Harry is in the Broughton Pantomime up the road (I am going on Saturday). Because I am driving back, I can’t partake in my usual evening consumption of alcoholic liquor, and I can’t smoke because I have stopped (again!). In fact I can’t do much. Why is it that enjoyable equals unhealthy, or is that just me, and my demons/addictions?

On that subject, there was a phone in about addiction and cross/dual addiction on the radio the other day. I nearly crashed on the M4 when this one guy came on and explained his addictive nature. Now to fully imagine the scenario, concentrate really hard and imagine a dulcet strong Brummie accent, this is important.


Nick Campbell Radio 5
Good morning Dave so what’s your addiction?

Well Nicky, I thought I would ring and tell you that I haven’t drunk alcohol for ten years.

That’s fantastic Dave, how do deal with your addictions and what do you do with yourself now?

Well I have other addictions now Nicky

Oh I see what are they?

Coco Cola and Internet porn


Dave does internet porn for up to 8 hours a day apparently. All that I could imagine was him turning up at his local dentist surgery with his teeth rotting out all over the place.

You need to brush your teeth more Dave, especially as you drink so much Coke nowasdays.

I can’t, my hand is covered in blisters!!

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  • Anonymous
    January 30, 2010 (11:24 pm)

    I can't believe you've only linked to one weather site…come on Bob there's metcheck and the met office …. you must look at those at least a couple of times a day – or is that just me ??

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