Unreliable Staff Required

Posted on January 27, 2010

Here’s a funny old story I saw on the web today. Apparently, Nicole Mamo from Devonwood Recruitment was told that she could not advertise for reliable staff because of the offence it may cause to the unreliable!?!?

I can’t be sure if this is to be deemed politically correct, or just an error that makes a good story, but if this is based on truth, and is not just a right wing rant, where does it leave an average member of society? This sort of stupidity is going in a direction that is going to eventually go full circle, but at the moment we are in a false situation where one word out of context, and you are as bigoted as Jim Davidson or Bernard Manning.

If the example of not wanting unreliable staff is indeed against the PC laws of the Job Centre as reported, how on earth do you recruit?

“Brain Surgeon required to carry out micro surgery at top London clinic, reliability an advantage but not essential”

“Unreliable accountant required for City based practice”

“Solicitor with a tendency for unreliability wanted”

That said, it has it’s advantages, if you were to advertise for an unreliable builder they would be queuing around the block.

My point is, is that I have never really got on to the anti PC bandwagon because alot of it is just spin from extreme right wing papers so as The Mail and The Express to ridicule any government that doesn’t have Norman Tebbitt or Maggie Thatcher in it. It is great way of promoting “Loony Leftie” conspiracies. However, the more these hair brained regulations are put in to place, the more ammunition the far right will have, so in effect PC will become public enemy number one.

Maybe it is about time the PC brigade backed off a bit if they want to be taken seriously, or maybe we should just send them to Poland for a bit of an eye opener. A recently published Nursery book describes Germans of smelling of piss, and Gypsies selling children at a market, whilst a maths book asks kids to work out an equation for saving as many Christians as possible from a sinking ship, whilst drowning as many Turks as they can.

If that is a general attitude, how the Poles survive in this country is beyond me. I suppose it is just not very PC to discriminate against a Polish immigrant who is not politically correct!!!

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  • Anonymous
    January 28, 2010 (8:55 pm)

    is this real

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