I Dont Hate Everyone-Honest!

Posted on October 5, 2010

I have come in for some unwarranted stick recently from certain people and my children about how I am a grumpy old git who hates everyone and everything. That’s not fair, there are some people I like, and I don’t really hate anyone, as no one has actually caused me that much harm to be honest.

Before I start about that, just for Diane’s benefit, yes she is right, my day at Gun Wharf wasn’t as bad as I portrayed, as I did get to spend an hour sat on my own, in sunshine, with a pint of Spitfire (which inspired my painting) and a newspaper, as she frantically and successfully (she is very small you see) tried to find something worth buying. However Diane, as nice as your company is, I am sticking to my guns by saying that I still don’t think it was worth a visit unless you like coffee shops, so there!

Anyway, well known people I like, and this is straight off the top of my head:

Peter Allen (Radio 5 presenter)
Matt Le Tissier (ex Southampton footballer)
Ian Poulter (passionate Ryder Cup golf player)
Paul Merson (former Arsenal footballer)
Paul Heaton (former Beautiful South and Housemartins frontman)
Graham Swann (England Cricketer)
Billy Bragg ( musician)
Harry Redknapp (Surs manager)
Jeremy Paxman (newsnight presenter)
Gordon Brown (ex PM)
Brian McDermott (Reading FC manager)
Alan Davies (after watching his recent 80’s series)
Damon Albarn (musician)
Paul Weller (musician)
Paul Whitehouse (comedian)
Rhod Gilbert (presenter and Comedian)
Roy Hodgson (soon to be sacked Liverpool manager)
Bill Turnbull (BBC Breakfast presenter)
Chris Hollins (sports presenter and strictly winner)
Billy Connolly (comedian)

Now, there are bound to be many more, but these are just people that at some point they have, said, sung, or achieved something that has impressed me in a certain way, people who make me think actually, he seems a decent bloke, I could have a pint a and a good old chat with him, not that I suppose any of the above would have the time to have a chat with me, though I did spend a whole football match with Arry Redknapp who is an engaging and funny character.

I come across a grumpy git because I do have a real problem with people who have, in my opinion, little substance to their character, yet have become media darlings and heroes for basically achieving fuck all of any note (the late Jade Goody, Simon Cowell Jordan and that twat Smiffy spring to mind). I just can’t like those type of people, they are nothing to me, I refuse to argue about it anymore, but reserve the right to dislike them.

So there you have it , I don’t hate everyone, in fact I like most people, it’s just the ones I dislike are so high profile and rich. Don’t anyone try to tell me I am jealous of their wealth, all of the above range from well off, to filthy rich, disliking someone isn’t about money.

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