The Thrill of Going Viral!

Posted on June 14, 2012

Check this out……my recent post regarding TV commentators and pundits went viral…. well sort of anyway and I found it kind of exciting. This was on the back of one of my Facebook friends (Andy Ogden) who found it sufficiently funny/interesting to re-post it as a link, meaning that people in Taiwan and Hong Kong read it and passed it on to others. I am not likely to start challenging Mark Zuckerberg here, but a few hundred page views in a couple of days has swelled my admittedly easily satisfied ego.

This blog you are reading now has a solid readership of fifty to sixty people who I pester on Facebook, Twitter and email, I don’t know who you all are as that is illegal, but I do know from data that most of my readership comes from the UK, though I do have sporadic unknown users who regularly stalk me from Mid West America, Canada, France and rather alarmingly, Russia. The trick now, is to try to get that number rising to keep me interested and I think Andy has at least done his bit, though like the former ‘friends’ of Zuckerberg, I am sure he will sue me for profits from my fortune in the future. I have already started paying him off by offering his son games in my Sunday cricket team; I know it will not stop there.

My friend and work colleague, Craig (an absolute web design and marketing whiz if you need one) has started to encourage me to use keywords that will get found on Google, thus attracting more viewers/stalkers and more importantly, people who will latch on to my untapped genius. It is safe to say, that my web page is only generally viewed by people who know me or have used Google to view things like ‘Austin Maxi’ and ‘Julie’s been Working for the Drug Squad.’ Craig, curious to see what words were being typed in to Google that found my blog page, produced me the following top ten list of searches from the last month.

  1. Bob Lethaby 
  2. Not Provided (not sure what this means)
  3. boblethaby
  4. Oakley cricket club
  5. Basingstoke
  6. www.boblethaby
  7. Wanking material
  8. Who owns Reading FC
  9. Bob Lethaby Blog
  10. Deirdre Barlow

As Craig said, number seven and number ten tie in quite nicely, but other than that, it is all a bit boring really, though at least Oakley CC seems to be getting exposure, in fact we picked up new members who read that page, so that was good. The only other times I have had a lot of Google hits are when I have written things about politicians or the Royals (not Reading FC) that have been less than generous in nature, in fact the last time I went “viral” was when I produced the Royal wedding guest list, a post that was not complimentary in nature. Buzzard hunter Lord Benyon was my latest victim from Lords and Royal circles, though there is no doubt he is a total bastard.

I would like to make it clear that if I am found zipped up in a sports bag with a pair of suspenders and with an orange stuffed in my mouth, it is not because I am a raging sexual deviant, it is because someone like Benyon has just about had enough of me and ordered me to be knocked off in the most embarrassing way possible. I am a lot of things, but I am not a sexual pervert.

Right, where are the tissues and that picture of Deirdre Barlow?


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