Wow…That Was Some Week in British Law

Posted on November 4, 2016

Blimey, what a week of fun that was on Bob’s Blog page as it crashed and burned courtesy of exceptionally high viewing and abuse that eventually led me having to take my last post down.

One of the great things about all this political upheaval unravelling on both sides of atlantic is that, coinciding with being ticking off about copyright, I have got back into doing cartoons, something I haven’t done for decades, so please excuse my rustiness.

It was with some luck that my first one got thousands of views and comments but unfortunately, not from the type of people whom you would invite round for afternoon tea.

Of course, in the last 24 hours in the ranters paradise we call the British Isles, all hell has let loose regarding law and sovereignty after Gina Miller won a High Court case to ensure that the referendum was decided and passed by a parliamentary vote.

I read about this some months before the referendum but it seemed that it was swept under the carpet by the leave campaign or, as may well be the case, they didn’t understand the sovereignty laws that they were claiming to protect from that dastardly lot in Brussels.

However, Theresa May, tried to push through a unilateral process of triggering Article 50 without the vote of elected MP’s. Could it be that our Prime Minister does not know the law, or was she simply hoping that she could bypass it in the hope no-one would notice?

I will have to assume the latter, otherwise she is not fit to represent parliament, although some might claim that she has already made that apparent.

The great irony here is that by implementing the law, Gina Miller has those who claimed they wanted British law protected frothing with anger about democracy, which means you can only assume they don’t know what sovereignty is?

You can’t bleat on about protecting sovereignty then claim sovereignty is undemocratic; well you can but it would show that you are not the brightest of sparks. I have always thought that many of these wonky looking Ukippers were a cucumber sandwich short of a picnic.


There are two simple points to this which are plainly set out and are clear to even the finest knucklehead.

1 A referendum result is advisory

2 A referendum result has to be discussed and then voted on by elected MP’s

To carry through the process of Article 50 without it is undemocratic, some would argue that it dictatorial.

Now, MP’s will not (unfortunately in my opinion) vote against the will of the land unless it is something even more ludicrous than Brexit (the re-introduction of the plague for example) so it will go ahead anyway. Why is the Government is appealing then?

What it does mean is that the PM can’t just go ahead making up her own rules without consent, which, whatever your persuasion, has to be a good thing doesn’t it? That is democracy, or it was the last time I checked, however, I sometimes wonder if there is a sizeable proportion of the country that fancies a bit of dictatorship.

The Daily Mail for one, would love a bit of Moseley, if you don’t believe me, check the headlines on the website this week, especially the condemnation of the High Court judge who had the audacity to be a former fencer who is openly gay, as if though that would affect judgement?

You can only hope that sanity will prevail in the end but it does make you wonder, and after all, we all know what is happening on Tuesday.

The US election!

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  • Karen
    November 4, 2016 (5:58 pm)

    Whatever the result next Tuesday the result will not be sanity.

    Although they could both end up in so much legal trouble a new leadership race begins.

    Hopes against hope.

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