Britain Languishes on World Happiness Day!

Posted on March 20, 2017

Whoever chose a Monday as ‘World Happiness Day’, should really check their marketing skills, unless of course the idea is to try and make people happy on their least favourite day of the week?

Today, the happiest places on earth will be announced with Scandinavian folk once again tipped to dominate proceedings whilst Britain, which languished outside the top 20 last year, is expected to take a further hit, courtesy of Brexit inspired hatred.

Denmark is the current number one place for happiness and contentment. Do you know the main reason why?

Because of excellent free health care making the average life expectancy eighty plus and a welfare system designed for all citizens in times of hardship or old age, leaving Denmark with the smallest wealth gap on the planet.

Danish people really are ‘in it together’ and they have the added bonus of never having to see The Daily Mail online or inadvertently tuning into that poisonous witch, Katie Hopkins, on LBC.

I reckon if you took The Daily Mail out of Britain for year, we could push for a top 10 spot, because Britain, despite all the nationalist hatred that has been unleashed since Brexit, is still a beautiful island to live on.


Miserable Beauty: Britain is a lovely place with an unhappy society.

Just imagine if all those comfortably off Mail readers could enjoy their money without getting angry about single mothers receiving working tax credits or Polish people allegedly stealing minimum wage employment in Starbucks or Costa.

So, the situation we have is this. People and organisations at the top of the food chain pay little if no corporation tax, invoicing their profits as consultancy fees from offshore places such as the Caymen Islands. It’s not illegal, just immoral.

Fortunately for these avoiders, all the main media groups, The Mail, Express, The Sun and The Times, as well as Sky and Channel 5, are also owned by people who pay no corporation tax, so what they do is feed the public with newspaper stories blaming the poor, along with a host of ‘Poverty Porn’ TV programmes.

If you spent six months reading The Daily Mail and watching ‘Scumbag Street’ or whatever it is, you would detest poor people and blame them for everything. These newspaper articles and TV programmes aren’t put together by idiots, they are meticulously created to distract the reader or viewer, from thinking about huge corporate theft. They are created to make people concentrate their focus on someone who defrauds the taxpayer out of enough money for a 4 pack of Ace Lager and twenty Superkings.

To make matters worse, these PLC’s and media organisations lobby governments, give directorships and huge salaries to MP’s (George Osborne is a great recent example) who have influence, and do deals with HMRC, offering them reduced payment deals in return for lunch at the Ivy and an afternoon of lap dancing. With that sort of example set, it is little wonder why people do cash in hand jobs and fabricate personal status to gain a few extra quid off the welfare state.

Britain languishes outside the top twenty for contentment and happiness not because it is an eyesore, it is because people have been trained to hate each other to deflect them from turning on the top 1% of plutocrats running off with all the cash. Only today, The Mears Group announced that they cannot fulfil community care contracts because they just can’t make the figures add up after Government cut, after cut after cut.

Old folk are suffering on trolleys or in shitty little care homes whilst a sitting MP signs a one day a week deal to earn £650k at a financial institution and another to become the editor of The London Evening Standard, where, no doubt, the less well off will once again be persecuted for costing the country money.

Whilst I am not going to to condone benefit fraud, it does not even come to close to corporate tax evasion. It is a mere drop in the ocean in comparison, in fact when set against unclaimed welfare benefits, the benefits books virtually balance out. I don’t know how much that has to be emphasised before the public smell the filter coffee wafting off the plutocrats yachts?

On a personal note, I got this letter today regarding a miscalculation on my self assessment form meaning I owe the HMRC £210.29.

‘Our records show you owe self assessment tax.’

‘We will charge you interest every day until you pay us what you owe’.

‘We will be checking your account for payment, so please act now to stop us paying further action’.

I thought about asking them out for a pie and a pint to see if I could crack a deal to reduce it to £20.00 but then I remembered I wasn’t Vodafone and I owe the money. So I paid it as part of my ‘International Happiness Day’ celebrations.

I paid it because I owe it fair and square but I didn’t much like the content of the letter which my accountant (who is no Tony Benn) described as “like something out of George Orwell’s 1984”.

Until we redress the balance of wealth and people wake up to the industrial scale raping of the nation’s wealth whilst the sick, old and vulnerable suffer, don’t expect a top twenty spot anytime soon.

Denmark should be an example of how a nation that operates as a co-operative, creates a great standard of living and happiness for all. However, could you imagine Paul Dacre (The Mail) turning down free land subsidies or offering to move his finances to the UK for full HMRC scrutiny?

Sadly, as Jimmy Hill said of the England football team some thirty years ago...”If we don’t learn lessons from other nations, we’ll go on getting bad results.”

Whether it is football, politics, or happiness, we never seem to learn from anyone, which brings me to one conclusion.

We are fucking stupid.

2 Replies to "Britain Languishes on World Happiness Day!"

  • Freddie Bloom
    June 24, 2021 (8:45 pm)

    Please tell me how you learnt the full quote from Jimmy Hill at the end there, I can’t find anything else about it on the entire internet. Any clue more precisely when or where it was said??

    • Bob Lethaby
      July 23, 2021 (12:12 pm)

      Hi Freddie, it was from the 3 Lions Song, so it is probably partly in my head 🙂

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