A Country Driven by Populist Soundbites

Posted on January 12, 2019

I was in Sainsbury’s the other morning and there was an old chap at the till in front of me. Laid out on the counter there was a copy of The Daily Mirror with our Prime Minister’s face on it. She looked about 160.

“You have to feel sorry for her don’t you”, he said, pointing at the picture.

Normally I am a bit of a coward in these situations. I would take the easy route out and say, “Yeah, can’t be easy”.  I would then return to my car and fantasise about what I would have liked to have said.

However on Thursday, I changed tact and just said, “I don’t!”

It was one of those moments where I felt a bit of a caveman surge of adrenalin as I had gone against the Status Quo. However, I have decided that from now on, I am going to challenge anyone who tries to start a conversation with an opaque, populist sound bite.

The Virtue of Stubbornness

If, where I am chairman at my local cricket club, I had lost three secretaries in six months, wiped out my committee and caused absolute chaos, I would have walk away. Stubbornness is only an attribute when it creates success. You could use Sir Alex Ferguson is an example of that but not Theresa May.  

Theresa May is useless. She uses God as a last-ditch hope of being a success and indulges in pathetic meaningless parrot phrases. ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘taking control of our borders, our laws and our money’. All utter drivel that with one google search can be taken apart.

We control our borders, we control our money and we have sovereign law.

Yet people still feel sorry for her. This is because it is the latest populist soundbite tapped into the impulses of people who see an admirable British virtue in being useless. Theresa May is not ‘Eddie the Eagle’, she is the Prime Minister of the UK and she is putting the whole nation at risk of economic chaos. This is not a joke.

What next? A picture of the fucking idiot rowing across the channel to Dunkirk in a Union Jack suit, under the headline, ‘YOU RUDDY MARVEL!’.

The Chap in Sainsbury’s

It turned out that this old chap in Sainsbury’s wasn’t a bad fella. He hated David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for causing all the problems in the first place. I surmised that was why he was buying ‘The Mirror’ a tabloid traditionally edited to target the left of centre working class.

Yet from somewhere he had heard that Theresa May had to be admired for being useless. Her track record as a Prime Minister and Home Secretary is one of hopelessness and division yet he felt sorry for her. Her austerity driven measures are the cause of a Police Force unable to cope and members of the Windrush generation having their lives torn apart. Yet he still felt sorry for her.

I will never feel sorry for her and I suspect deep down, he didn’t either. He was probably just saying it because everyone else is.

Populist Soundbites

As for the populist soundbites and utter tosh coming out of vindictive newspapers like The Sun, The Express, The Mail and even the once respected conservative broadsheet, Daily Telegraph, I will leave you with the thoughts of Calvin Mackenzie, the one-time editor of The Sun.

Never tell me that these rags aren’t a form of mind control and that their editors have any respect for the mugs who are supporting them. Supporting them so they can stay offshore, not paying any UK taxes.

Supporting them as they take the absolute piss with ‘FORWARD WITH BRITAIN’ headlines and spiteful articles by Melanie Phillips and Richard Littlecock that are written to stir up and divide the masses, distracting them from those bleeding Britain dry.

This year the EU are administering laws to empower member states to bring a halt to aggressive offshore tax avoidance. The Mail, The Express, The Sun and The Telegraph are all owned by aggressive offshore tax avoidance individuals.

Go on, you do the maths.

Kelvin Mackenzie, former editor of The Sun

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