Boris Johnson Admits He Told the Truth ‘Once or Twice’ 25 Years Ago!

Posted on June 9, 2019

Conservative leadership candidate, Boris Johnson, has admitted that he told the truth ‘on more than one occasion’ in the past.

Johnson claims that the incidents were ‘stupid and error of judgement’ and is adamant that he has never told the truth since becoming an MP.

“I was young and naïve when these errors of judgement happened”, said Johnson. One of the incidents occurred at a ball in Oxford when he was approached by a young lady called Trixabella, a student at Magdalen College.

“The young filly made an approach that could be regarded as raunchy and stupidly, I told her I was already married. She was a curvy thing and looked ripe for rumpy pumpy. I blew it by telling the truth. Of course I regret it, I regret it deeply”, said Johnson.

Truth at The Times

The other incident involved telling the truth in articles he wrote whilst working for The Times newspaper, ‘more than once’.

I was a young journalist, a silly billy and I thought telling the truth was clever. Anyone who knows me, will tell you I did this in good faith. I did not know then that I would one day be a Conservative MP.

Johnson has been keen to point out that he was sacked by The Times for falsifying a quotation. He say it proves that telling the truth is something in his distant past.

“I don’t think this should hinder my bid to be leader. I have never, knowingly told the truth since becoming an MP. My record speaks for itself”, said the leadership hopeful.

Meanwhile allegations regarding truth telling are threatening to derail the leadership bid of Rory Stewart. It is alleged that Stewart has told the truth about Brexit numerous times in the last few weeks. This has led to party members demanding for him to be suspended and called an ‘Enemy of the State’ in The Daily Mail.

Stewart was unavailable for comment.

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