Covid Inquiry and ID Cards

Posted on May 12, 2021

So, the government has announced there will be a full independent inquiry into Covid 19. It is going to be in the spring of next year. The chances are, it will get delayed whilst Mat Hancock’s sister’s firm gets to finish shredding the evidence.

What is the point in an inquiry? This is a government that have an MP who is the anti-corruption champion and is, by coincidence, married to the head of Test & Trace. Test & Trace is possibly the most inept and corrupt public service of our times. Yet, no one seems to care.


It makes me wonder if the government policy is to bombard us with so much corruption disguised as ineptitude, that anyone who does care, just gives up. The latest bit of news is that the PM has a £500.00 CCJ (County Court Judgement) against his name.

What on earth is a sitting Prime Minister doing with a CCJ? If that were Kier Starmer, he would be forced to resign in shame, and rightly so. With Johnson, it just appears to be ‘Boris being Boris’ in his loveable, clumsy and roguish way.

Studying those who forgive Johnson for absolutely anything, would be enough to cover the whole four years of a human psychology degree. Denialism, Stockholm Syndrome, and god knows what else could be covered. His misdemeanour list grows by the day (each one of them a resigning offence), yet the allegations bounce off him like tennis balls off a brick wall.

Photo ID

Amongst all this chaos are hidden gems. Photo ID proof for future elections is the latest one to get lost amongst it all. Here is what Johnson had to say about ID in 2014.

If I am ever asked, on the streets of London, or in any other venue, public or private, to produce my ID card as evidence that I am who I say I am, when I have done nothing wrong and when I am simply ambling along and breathing God’s fresh air like any other freeborn Englishman, then I will take that card out of my wallet and physically eat it in the presence of whatever emanation of the state has demanded that I produce it.”

It is alleged by many that this introduction of voter ID is the suppression of a free vote. The reason being that the young and poor are less likely to carry it. Where this may backfire is that Johnson seems to be picking up a lot of votes from the poor people whom he is going to ‘level up’ for. Maybe it is a pre-emptive strike to stop them voting against him when it all goes wrong. A day of reckoning when the outlandish promises are realised as fantasy.

Give it another year or so, and you will only be allowed to vote if you have a conservative membership card with your name on it. If you apply for one and then cunningly vote for another party, you will be interned for electoral fraud. God, I hope Priti Patel isn’t reading this, as I don’t want to put ideas in her head of hot air.

Heading up an Inquiry

The Covid 19 inquiry will be headed up by a person of Johnson’s choice, deeming it not independent. It will feature minor government discrepancies to make it look genuine to those with Stockholm Syndrome. It will conclude that despite some small errors that should never be repeated, these were understandable. It will conclude that Johnson and his team worked 24 hours a day to save us from a catastrophe.

What is worrying amongst all this gerrymandering, is this. By the time the masses stop procrastinating and shake themselves from their apathy, it will be all be too late. With an 80 seat majority, Johnson and his populists have time to move boundaries, change voting rules and ban some people from voting due to any historical miscreant.

Except for having a CCJ, of course.

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