Johnson Running out of Alleys to Run Down and Fridges to Hide In

Posted on December 19, 2021

The problem with pathological liars, is that they eventually run out of alleys to run down and fridges to hide in. Johnson’s bullshit and irresponsible behaviour has nearly gone full circle. Any clarity on Brexit or Covid has long gone. The British people are entering into Covid self-regulation, which in turn, is wrecking any hope the retail leisure industries have of clawing back losses.

Those supporters who are still in denial about Johnson, have shifted their narrative. Instead of saying, “Imagine if Corbyn got in”, they are now saying, “They’re (politicians) all the same”. This desperate denialism and whataboutism is beyond embarrassing. The low turn out and heavy defeat for the Tories in North Shropshire, demonstrates one thing. Johnson is in the last chance saloon, with only bar stool bullshitters as allies.

Yesterday, Lord Frost was the latest Brexit minister to resign. Frost is trying to say that he had different views on the pandemic than Johnson. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Frost was tangled up in Brexit bullshit where there was no escape from. Many observers think that the Brexit gang were convinced the EU would collapse without them. It hasn’t and there is no happy ending or sunlit uplands, just chaos. Read about the border in Northern Ireland and get back to me with your solution. I’m all ears.

The blame for this stretches all the way back to the 2015 election. David Cameron, fearful of another coalition, pacified the swivel eyed lunatics on his back benches by agreeing to a referendum. His arrogance allowed him to believe a referendum would be a foregone conclusion. He didn’t reckon on the populist opportunism of his Eton buddy, Johnson. Cameron should have known better. Virtually everyone who has been close to Johnson has been shafted by him. Behind the bluster, he is a cunning bastard and Cameron must have known that.  

Johnsonism is on its last legs. Whether it is all over in the next few weeks, or a long painful death, I don’t know. The problem the Tories have is that they have indulged in populist personality politics. Who are the personalities to take over? Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak and Mick Gove are all candidates. Apparently, Truss is the darling of the members. The last time I checked, she was a bloody idiot. She lacks any direction and is a hapless, perennially embarrassing orator.

In my opinion, Rory Stewart is the only viable candidate to install a sense of normality. However, Stewart would like to heal the wounds of Brexit and instil some structured thinking into how Britain can stabilise itself.  He knows better than anyone that Britain is a laughingstock on the world stage, a mini version of Trump’s America.

So, in the eyes of the swivel eyed loons screaming from the backbenches, Stewart is utterly unfit for purpose. The lunatics aren’t going to hand over the keys to the asylum without one hell of a fight. They know that losing power could start a journey where some of them end up where they rightfully belong.

In the clink.

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