Johnson Proving to be the Man we Were Warned About!

Posted on January 14, 2022

“Poor old Sue Gray”.

We are told to wait for her report into what we all know happened at the Downing Street parties. If Boris Johnson says he thought a party was a work event, then there is not much Sue Gray can do about it. Like us, she knows he is a liar but if he says he isn’t, nothing has changed. She can’t sack him; he is her boss. Her report is a waste of time and public money.

We, the public, have been asked to abide by the rules, but his attitude suggests that neither him, nor his team of people have to obey them. He has been caught out and you can almost feel his indignance. How dare people try and belittle him and call him out for what he is!?

Suprised About Surprise

What I find surprising about this, is people are surprised. Johnson has always been a narcissistic oaf. A whole host of respected people who have worked with Johnson, warned us what would happen. They told us that behind the buffoonery lay a chancer, an arrogant oaf, a gold medal liar, and a textbook narcissist.

These critics weren’t left wingers. They were Tory commentators, historians, and politicians. These are professional people who had witnessed first-hand, his appalling manner and double-crossing behaviour that left chaos in its wake. A man easily led by money, women, and lavish lunches.

Peter Oborne, Dominic Grieve, John Major, Ken Clarke and Max Hastings, all Tories, warned us that Johnson is a chancer with no respect for law or detail. They told us he would wreak havoc and damage Britain’s reputation. Some, naively, thought leadership might nullify Johnson’s instincts for appalling behaviour; how wrong they were.

Public Image

With regards to how much he cares, people who do know Johnson would often disagree. Some say he has a deep desire to be loved whilst others say he cares only about himself. We know his scruffy image is at least in part, choreographed. His whole political career has been based around being a buffoon who gets results.

The problem is that when Johnson gets things done, they are always impulsive and populist. He is like the salesman who brings in a stack of orders only for his boss to find out six months later everything was sold at a loss. You can almost imagine the deals being done on the back of a cigarette packet during a boozy lunch (all expenses paid of course)!

But he’s not just a salesman, he is the Prime Minister. The job of the Prime Minister is a serious business, involving national security, fiscal responsibility, the protection of citizens and the environment. It is a job not many of us could do. It requires statesmanship, respect, deep thought, and attention to detail.

A Spiteful Village Idiot

I only see Johnson as a clown, a fool, and a village idiot. Worse still, he carries out all those roles in a devious Machiavellian manner. He has revealed himself to be untrustworthy, deceitful, spiteful and when required, a nasty piece of work. His comedy act is a façade, and it is now being exposed for all to see.

When he eventually resigns (or gets the sack), is anyone’s guess.

However, what every responsible person must do, is ensure that someone like him is never given such power again. Having the king of bar stool bullshitters leading a country, will only inflict damage, domestically and internationally.

Hopefully the Johnson era will be a hard lesson learnt.

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  • Norman House
    January 15, 2022 (11:20 am)

    There are a few factors here. The British Public, or a significant proportion of them are easily led and influenced. Like Trump, a populist such as Johnson can be easily elected. We are led to believe they are different to the standard politician. They are, but not in the way they present themselves.

    The truth about Johnson has been known for a long time and anyone who bothered to check his record throughout his career would know that. In most cases, people don’t think that deeply. The media influence significantly the public view. Even the Daily Mail/Express are now criticising Johnson, despite being highly culpable for him getting into power.

    All the things you say about him are true. However, I think it is more nuanced than him being a clown, a fool and a village idiot, yet Machiavellian. Some might say those attributes are opposites, but in some ways it is also true.

    The clown description is more how he presents himself, it’s a brand – like people calling him just ‘Boris’. He is a devious, self-serving, consummate liar. Apart from his outward appearance, he is a classic narcissist.

    I would paint him as a fool, but more in the mould of a Shakespearean fool, such as Touchstone. The costume, the appearance, the jokes, the bumbling style hide a more sinister personality. Touchstone like Johnson is not stupid, but he is also not as clever as he thinks.

    “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”

    The problem is, Johnson like Trump can rally a crowd to vote for him or his party. Hence Johnson’s big majority in the last election. The bigger problem comes when they have to lead a party and a country. They are both manifestly unfit for that high office. They are selfish, egotistical, liars. They believe they have a right to be powerful or at least be in a position of power. They abuse that power but still want to be painted in the best light. Everyone who doesn’t regard them as good is seen by them to be the problem. Johnson sometimes reminds me of a bad cricket captain. He moves the fielder to where the last bad ball went and never getting it right!

    I saw that one minister said Johnson will need to significantly change if he is to recover and stay as leader. That statement in itself is folly. He can’t change and he won’t want to. He has become the parody of himself.

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