A Narcissistic PM Indulging in Conspiracies

Posted on February 2, 2022

When I heard Boris Johnson shout a conspiracy theory at Keir Starmer the other day, I genuinely thought I had misheard what he had said. Like most observers, I have heard some bad stuff thrown around parliament in my time but this was unique. I have never heard an entirely false accusation that was initially released on a far-right conspiracy theory website. That’s crazy stuff.

Pub Bullshitter

Johnson behaved in a manner befitting a pub bullshitter when cornered by facts. He even tried to get the media on his side by saying that Starmer prosecuted journalists rather than Jimmy Savile. Rather than type it all out, I will copy the full facts regarding Starmer and the Savile case, below.

I wondered why Starmer, a lawyer, didn’t immediately file a lawsuit against Johnson for slander. I had, of course, forgotten that in the House of Commons, MP’s can make false accusations with impunity. Oddly, they also can’t accuse another MP of misleading parliament (as Ian Blackford found out). It is a warped set of rules that punished Blackford and let Johnson off the hook.

Damaged Goods

Still, parroting a conspiracy theory has damaged Johnson. It is the sort of behavior normally saved for bar stool wackjobs and is not a good look. Of course, it won’t make Johnson (a man without shame) apologise. However, it has shown him up as an individual without common decency. My guess is it is unlikely Johnson’s political death will be instant, more a slow and painful one. That said, it will only gather pace when his supporters finally realise he is a nasty piece of work.

It’s all about numbers now. Johnson has a strong support base that is increasingly made up of cultists. These MP’s and voters are victims of Johnson’s narcissism and are caught up in blind loyalty. That is a complex but not uncommon human failing that is difficult for any opposition leader to deal with.


About a decade ago I got involved in someone who was a textbook narcissist. At the time I didn’t know there was such a thing, which didn’t help. Before long, I found myself in a situation where I was dealing with outrageous lies, self-promotion, jealousy, and deflection tactics. I didn’t know how to cope, so for a while, I pretended it wasn’t happening.

Anyone who has been caught out by a narcissist will get what I am saying. Narcissists bring a lot of chaos for anyone who indulges them and Boris Johnson is a classic example. Like all good narcissists, Johnson leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. Ask anyone who has been close to him and the same story will be repeated time and again.

When Johnson ordered his MP’s to Downing Street after his commons disaster, I guessed what would happen. He would seek sympathy and forgiveness then pummel doubters with reasons why they should give him another chance. Out they trotted, like domestic abuse victims, emotionally exhausted and ready for the next Johnson punch.

Untalented Cabinet

Perhaps Johnson’s greatest trick as a narcissist has been to fill his cabinet full of people he can easily control. He has surrounded himself with a largely untalented and inexperienced group of sycophants who would not get a cabinet role under a pragmatic Tory leader. By doing this Johnson can maintain power without fear of an attack by an internal political heavyweight. Long-term, when policies and promises fail, Johnson will be at his most vulnerable. He will also be at his most dangerous.

Johnson’s past employers told us that nothing good will come from him being a leader. Until his current supporters realise this, our international reputation will continue to be trashed. He is not taken seriously anywhere across the globe. Sensible leaders know he can’t be trusted.

Put a narcissist clown in a palace and the palace becomes a circus.


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