Stepping Out of Christmas!

Posted on January 7, 2024

When December arrives, the winter gloom descends upon us. Then the Christmas lights swoop in like knights in twinkling armor, apparently granting us the permission to eat and get pissed. Pubs and restaurants turn into bustling havens, and suddenly, everyone’s as jolly as Santa Claus himself. The build up to Christmas is still a wonderful time of the year.

However, after the much-anticipated work break ends, the winter gloom hangs around like an unwanted party guest long after everyone else has gone home. Despite our heroic declarations to consume less post-holiday, those miniature bounty bars and filling removing eclairs still lurk, whispering, “Go on man, go for it, It’s Christmas”. Then day 12 passes, it’s over.

Facing the Sober Truth

For the past six years, I’ve danced the tango with Dry January. Every year, I join in the challenge, fully expecting to trip up, yet somehow managing to keep my rarely celebrated discipline. This year is no different. It’s a tough journey, but conquering January means postponing my perpetual flirtation with becoming a part-time alcoholic until much later in the year. For those who slip into bad habits too easily, Dry January is an excellent way of getting out of them for several months.

Drying Out

It night not just be me drying out, either. Most weather forecasts are pointing to high pressure getting in the way of the conveyor belt of Atlantic storms. Imagine if you can, a massive boulder in the Atlantic sat in the way of a constant flow of low pressure systems. Frankly, it’s about time. Everything’s soaked, and walking the dog feels like a mudslinging contest – only riskier. So, here’s to hoping that high pressure brings us not just chillier conditions, but the miraculous appearance of sunshine and a wee bit of much needed winter apricity.

Finding the Bright Side

Let’s focus on the bright side of January (pun intended): as stated, the weather looks like it will clear up, offering a glimpse of winter sun. Daylight is also slowly extending its stay; since the December solstice, we’ve been gaining 2 minutes and 7 seconds of precious daylight each day. From January 19th onwards, we’ll be raking in an hour of sunlight every month until June. Signs of spring peek through by mid-February. Sure, February can still freeze your unmentionables off, but the joy of those 5 PM dog walks will be back in no time (if you have a dog). The weather can’t stop time.

And as for the notion of having “Christmas every day”, annually promoted by seventies glam rockers Wizard, well, that is just a whimsical dream. Imagine a perpetual state of entertaining relatives, darkness, waddling around with permanent festive weight, no sports or leisure activities, and no evening strolls to the pub in the spring sunshine. Not quite the holiday paradise Wizard sell us, is it?

So, let’s break free from the holiday hangover and embrace the New Year and the lighter evenings that await. It time to do the opposite of Elton John and take on the year ahead with overtly ambitious enthusiasm.

Come guys…It’s time to ‘Step out of Christmas’.

Happy New Year!

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