Is Truss Dangerous or Just Thick Lizzy?

Posted on February 22, 2024

Is it time to get serious about Liz Truss’s mental health? With each passing day, she appears to be getting madder and madder. Her seething resentment at being drummed out of high office is there for all to see. She’s on a mission.

Victim of Ideological Whirlwind

Is there something that needs treating, and is she a victim of cultism from the dark alleys around Tufton Street? The more she becomes a laughing stock, the more she doubles down. Her self-belief is bordering on psychotic.

She has gone from socialist roots to a Liberal Democrat’s student life, to Tory centrist, to raging fascist in political terms, a relatively short time. When Oswald Mosley went from Tory to Socialist front bench to New Party, then fascism, he got interned for the sake of stability in WWII.

Influence and Manipulation

Perhaps her parents have played a role. They drummed socialism into her from an early age, and maybe she felt crushed by it? Maybe, but it is more likely the crackpots on the far-right have manipulated her and made her believe she is an intellectual powerhouse by preying on her obvious narcissism.

Is she dangerous though? It’s hard to say. Some might argue that fascism had a lot more appeal in the 1930s than it does now. It was newer then, and in its early stages, people didn’t know it would end in gas chambers. Yet it still didn’t gain enough traction in Britain to get near election victories.

Small Majorities

I’m guessing here, but I presume much comes down to the far-right’s ability to hijack the Conservative Party and use its brand to make their ideology. I don’t think they have the numbers, but the same was said about Hitler. Once a small majority is gained by splits in other parties, the opportunity becomes more realistic.

It’s hard to predict where Britain is heading. We keep telling ourselves common sense will prevail, but it never seems to. By the time Keir Starmer gets to power (if he does), he might not have much to work with. Even if he turns out to be a fine leader, it will be easy to label him a failure if the Conservative government leave him too much damage to cope with.

The Bumpy Road Ahead

History shows us that the road to righteousness is one full of potholes, but where progress is slowly made. It will probably carry on that way, with Truss and her ilk reduced to shouting at traffic. The question I keep asking myself is how ugly will it get?

If people manage to gain power through the back door courtesy of splits in mainstream parties, I’d say, very ugly.

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