Posted on August 13, 2008

We went off to Biarritz today and had a brilliant time watching the waves crash in and the sun shone once again, then after a holiday without incident disaster struck. We had just filled up with petrol when all of a sudden…………………….Bang!!! Something exploded under the car. A French guy ran hysterically in to the distance shouting fumer! fumer! barging out of the way any women and children obstructing him!! We dashed out of the car presuming it was about to blow us to bits (Oh my God,was this the work of ETA?). Anyway as I turned and looked back there was no fire, but the car was all lopsided, so I presume either shock absorbers or suspension were the problem. The car has been carted off to a Mercedes garage and we will find out tomorrow how much they want to extract out of my account. May I take this opportunity to thank the fluent French speaking Jo Donlon for speaking to the various garages etc and generally helping me out, I owe her big time. Thanks Jo. Will I get home on Sunday?………………………………….find out tomorrow on the worlds most exciting blog!!!

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