Le Miracle, Le Miracle

Posted on August 18, 2008

Unbelievable, at 5.00pm we got a call…………………the car was mended and was waiting to be picked up, surely this was not true!!! Andy one of the reps who I accused of ripping me off, dashed to his car and whizzed me off to Bayonne before the garage shut for the night. Approximately 15 near misses later we got there, but I couldn’t find my car anywhere, just a newer better conditioned one, but not mine. Somehow French came out of the depths of my memory and I spoke quickly and hurriedly to a mechanic (Excuse my spelling here) “Aah Monsieur avez vous moi voitture syl vous plait. Il est a Mercedes E deux soixante dix, moi nom est Monsieur Lethaby.” How did I manage that?

“Oui monsieur votre voitture est ici”. He took me over to the newer better conditioned version of my car…………Oh my god, it was my car, gleaming inside and out, absolutely immaculate! Unbelievable, and, check this out, all fixed, even the dodgy wiper for 495 euros not the 550 I had been quoted. “Bon home bon home, et vous a beau femme”; I said to the receptionist, who didn’t even call me a tosser for making such a jerkish statement untill I left the building.

Overjoyed at my change of luck I quickly drove out on to road on the left hand side before veering back to the right to avoid oncoming traffic, then raced back to see the boys who had been admirably looked after by Kieran and Mary and who now had heavy colds.

When I got back a lady at reception told me that a Mobile home had come available and we could stay there (100 euros a comparative piss in the ocean to what had now been spent on this trip) and I almost felt like rejoicing, at this rate of luck change I wouldn’t be surprised if Korker turned up at the caravan and ask me out for dinner. So that’s it, all being well are leaving tomorrow and will be home on Wednesday night……………or will we???My Apologies and a reverse of attitude to those I got angry with who turned out to be my saviours

Depending on internet access tomorrow night this may be my last blog until then, when maybe I can take time to reflect on our adventure!!!

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