Still Recovering

Posted on August 23, 2008

My sleeping patterns are out of bonk completely at the momen. Since the return from France on Wednesday I have been staying in lots of different places on different days. I am currently at “home” with the boys, last night I was at my other home, the night before in Stockbridge where I hardly slept, and Wednesday here, my belongings are scattered everywhere. I need to get an organised system going, but being someone who is impulsive I don’t really do systems and rotas.

Anyway last night I had a cracking night out with the lads where we drunk too much and talked a load of old shit really (definitely remember us all saying we were going to buy scooters and go to Brighton for a weekend!) I got home about 1am and crashed until about ten this morning on what was a lovely day, before watching Reading lose 4-2. I Then arrived here and stupidly ate fish and chips.

When will I learn that fish and chips makes you feel rotten? I last ate them about a year ago and felt terrible as I did on the last ten times before that, so why the hell I do it I just don’t know!! I am led on the bed feeling like someone has inserted two pounds of lard inside me, my stomach gurgling like a jacuzzi. I will have two put a reminder in my outlook diary that pings me every day till I die! DON’T BE A FOOL, NO MATTER HOW HUNGRY YOU ARE, AVOID FISH AND CHIPS! Is it the chips or the batter that do it?

I am with the boys tomorrow again, and George and I are playing cricket at 2 at Oakley. For the rest of the week, who knows where I will be? It will be another case of wherever I lay my hat that’s my home I suppose, but I have a funny feeling my luck may be changing for the better soon!

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