Sunday….The Last Day??????

Posted on August 18, 2008

After a biblical storm in the early hours we woke this morning to blue skies and hot sunshine. Thank you god. We have actually enjoyed doing the things families do on holiday such as playing table tennis, swimming in the pool (Harry did the slide unaided today) and lapping up the rays. Remarkably we have not really had any incidents in the last 24 hours though like the weather I suspect this to be a temporary respite. I did however have a funny altercation with a Goose whilst out for a jog around the lake this morning.

I had decided that I would run/jog around the campsite lake and park five times, calculating that it was about 2 miles or so. On my first lap I was greeted by the goose with a hiss as I ran past it, a bit like a bloke who calls you a tosser under his breath as you pass by, and you are not really sure if the abuse is aimed at you or not, as you have done no harm. On the second lap it was actually waiting for me its head arched skyward already hissing at me. This was one aggressive bugger I can tell you. I thought about abandoning my run, but thought sod it, it’s only bloody goose. Lap three was worse, it actually starting coming towards me like a football thug saying “ Come on mate, lets ‘ave it now!” I ran down slope nearly falling in to the lake to avoid the nasty bastard and began my fourth lap nervous about what it would do this time. Maybe it was carrying a knife!!! Anyway sure as eggs are eggs on lap four it was ready and waiting spoiling for a fight. As it came towards me with its wings u,p neck arched, and mouth hissing I astonished both myself and the children playing crazy golf nearby with my reaction……………….. I kicked it!!! Not as hard as I might of, but enough to see it rock back in a mixture of shock and panic before retreating in to the reeds. On lap five it was nowhere to be seen, job done. I always thought my mood of last Thursday and Friday may be taken out on something, but furthest from my mind was a goose trying to act like some hard case.

Tomorrow I have to head to reception to find out about my car, but I am concerned, as the blonde girl, Korker who has been assisting me (Yes that really is her name, not just what I call her) is off tomorrow, and when I spoke to the reception in broken French this morning they gave me the impression that they thought that I was the village idiot, and if they nodded and smiled enough I might just f*ck off and leave them alone. A nervous nights sleep ahead one thinks followed by frantic calls to Jo before finding out my car is in Paris.
Pics come from a nice sunny day, plus one of the violent goose!!!

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