Recovering From A Bug Amateur Dramatics and Another Reading Win

Posted on November 9, 2008

Wow….. something vicious whacked me on Friday and Saturday my body just fell apart, I was sick, I feinted, my joints seized up, I head chest pains, my head was at boiling point and my whole body was like it was sunburnt, it was actually quite distressing, I thought I had meningitis or bird flu or something hideous like that. I had a text from George saying that he couldn’t go to football as he was ill also, I was actually quite relieved as I didn’t want him to watch his Father snuff it. We missed Reading dismiss Derby 3-0.

Last night I hauled myself from my deathbed to the annual Broughton Amateur Dramatics night which was really good fun, the biggest laugh of the evening coming when I popped out for a wee, and accidentally walked backed in with the main actress as she was about to come on to stage, everyone thought I was in the bloody play. I blame it on three satchets of lemsip mixed with a couple of pints of real ale, a heady cocktail indeed. The evening consisted of a play then a dinner then another play all for a tenner. We finished in The Tally Ho for a few more, and despite still feeling a bit iffy it was good night, and the drugs certainly did the trick.

I awoke this morning feeling nearly normal, and thankful that whatever got in to my system for 48 hours appears to have left my body at the speed it entered it, though I have still got a bit of a cold left over. I am now relaxing watching a re run of the Joe Calzaghe fight which is rather brutal to say the least.

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