What A Dull Week

Posted on November 15, 2008

This past week has quite literally been dull as dishwater. It has rained quite a bit, as it does in November, so not much for the global warming brigade, there have been no outbreaks of deadly disease, the 1.5% cut in interest rates seems to have no affect on the dipping economy…..nope I am sorry, nothing interesting at all, apart from a few nice pictures of Harry at his worship play at school.

The play was about children in Victorian times, when they were sent up chimneys aged four, worked in cotton mills seven days a week, and were regularlary beaten with canes by their parents, teachers and employers. It was a dark time to be a child, and many children died at work before even making their teens.
At the end of the play Mrs Galloway, the Headmistress said: “Well done children what a wonderful play…………..now which era would you to prefer to live in?”
“Ever thought of being on Mastermind Mrs Galloway…………your specialised chosen subject, the bleeding obvious!”
The pictures are of Harry looking the part, I lashed him six times with a cane before he went to school to get him in the mood for the task ahead, he loved it.

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