Posted on December 16, 2008

My car is still not fixed making me feel like a prisoner beholden to everyone else, and to make matters worse this PC only has half a screen as the LCD has burst. Everything that I have heard over the last couple of days regarding my car and PC sounds like a doctor troubled by someones mystery illness.

The car for instance is undergoing “further tests to it’s catalytic disorder” whilst the problem with PC screen will be terminal unless it is dealt with immediately as the leaking from the LCD will only get worse! They could easily both confused with human ailments couldn’t they? Imagine a doctor telling you your Catalytic disorder was as yet undiagnosed and needed further tests. It would be terrifying, you would shit yourself if only your blocked Catalytic would allow you to. Even worse would be a Doctor solemnly telling you your LCD had burst and there was little he could do……….as it was TERMINAL!!!!!

I suppose I should be grateful I am neither the car, or the PC, or my days would be numbered. You just don’t hear a mechanic say the words spark plug or sprocket anymore, it’s things like “diagnostic tests” and “engine management systems”. Big and scary words designed to prepare you for impending open wallet surgery.

Having not had a vehicle for five days leaves little else to report, as funnily enough I have not been anywhere except a couple of pubs and the football on Saturday thanks to Peter giving us a lift. When this all comes to an end I don’t know, but it has taught me that I better stay the right side of the law, as if I was ever put in solitary confinement I would be completely Radio Rental in no time……….or am I already?

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