Big Win For The Hoops

Posted on January 28, 2009

Went to football with George last night to watch Reading move a step closer to an immediate return to the Premiership with a win against league leaders Wolves closed the gap to just two points rather than eight points if Wolves had won. This was an enthralling encounter with no tackled shirked and 100% endeavour from both sides making up for any quality which was lacking.

Ultimately in a game of such fine margins there had to be a mistake, or a sending off, to seperate the two teams. Unfortunately for Wolves, Wayne Collins provided Reading with both in the first, and last minutes. Firstly with an own goal that has to go down to bad luck, then secondly getting brainlessly sent off for abusing the linesman when Wolves should have been chasing the game.

This was Championship football at it’s best, and it would appear that inconsistent Birmingham or rapidly rising Swansea can be a threat to these two teams aspirations.

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