Pop Goes The Kneecap

Posted on January 30, 2009

After two months solid hard graft in the Gym to get my weight and blood pressure down, I played my first five a side football match of the year last night. For 10 minutes it was brilliant, I felt fitter than ever, scoring four times and was playing like I did when I was young, then…………………………BANG…………….What the fuck was that?!?!?

It was my knee, it just caved in without warning! Now even though I can walk in straight lines I can’t turn or twist at all. I am informed that my football career is probably over, and that my cruciate knee ligaments are in a lot of trouble, this may mean a lengthy lay off from any kind of running etc and perhaps an operation to repair the damage.
However if nothing is actually snapped I might be lucky and recover quickly, though my hopes are not high. I will find this out when I see a knee specialist. One look at the diagram above shows just what a complex thing the knee is, what nutter designed that!! I must say I am amazed it has lasted as long as it has considering how clumsy I am, I have been lucky really.
At 41 I shouldn’t really complain that my body is giving up, I have seen lads a lot younger than me crocked when in there teens or early twenties, that is harsh, giving up when you shouldn’t still be playing isn’t, it’s reality. The ironic thing is that all my mates who didn’t play competitive sport don’t have fucked knees and impending arthritis, that’s not fair. Mind you they are all fat fuckers, so I suppose you cant have it both ways!!!

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