Facebook-Good or Bad?

Posted on March 14, 2009

This last month has seen an explosion of friends registering on the social networking site Facebook. We have all been having such a laugh exchanging old photos and memories, there is not a lot you can’t do on this site, and it is great having contacts with friends in Australia and in different parts of this country, it is a great tool……………………if used in the right way!!!

Only yesterday my friend was telling me that his supervisors wife had cleared off with someone they had met on this site, and recently there was a high profile story in the press about a law abiding middle class man who flew to Jersey to punch the daylights out of a guy his wife had been seeing after Facebook contact, I know how he felt, been there and got the T shirt, but fortunately not the criminal record.

I sometimes look on there and see comments like such and such is bored, or such and such is depressed, comments looking for attention or affection. That’s fine, but most of these people (mainly women it has to be said) appear to be married. What the fuck is that about, it’s not right whatever spin you put on it, and smacks of desperation. Just the other day I saw a comment from a girl that I knew from school along time ago saying “****** is so depressed”. Talk to your husband about it love, don’t broadcast it to the world, it will get you in trouble, I promise you.

Personally I quite enjoy aspects of the site, though I don’t add comments like “Bob is making a sandwich because he is sad” because who would be interested? If I was looking for a new partner, I wouldn’t want to meet anyone for a relationship on Facebook, because I know it is a false fairytale that ultimately ends in bitterness and resentment. My friends boss is back home with his Mum and Dad beside himself with grief, and the man who punched the blokes face in in Jersey has a criminal record, that’s not social networking, that’s life wrecking.

I vowed never to go on there after previous experiences, but I have now, and I enjoy it in moderation. Seeing how Priv and Trev (Aus) and Gav (France) are doing is good fun, and me and my old mates have been dragging out old photos of holidays and scanned them on there, I have seen photo’s I didn’t know existed, there is no harm in that. But be warned folks, if your partner is on there too long, and doesn’t like you reading what he/she is writing, hear the alarm bells, and here them clear, as a lot of shit could be heading your way. Take it from a man who knows.

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