Easter Weekend

Posted on April 13, 2009

I have had the boys for most of the weekend, though Harry did go to Dancing on Ice with his Mother on Saturday and had a great time, he loves all that stuff. On Friday George and I went to see Sheffield United hammer the final nail in to Reading’s automatic promotion hopes, the play offs beckon.

On Saturday George and I went Prole spotting in Basingstoke (I got George the new England top for Easter) then we went of for a sleepover at Di’s in Broughton. Yesterday was spent having a real traditional Easter at Di’s Mum and Step dad’s at their farm, with Easter hunts etc. It was a lovely day with loads of space for the boys to run around in, they even got brave and picked up the chickens.

I used to have a bit of a thing about being divorced/seperated, I didn’t like the stigma of it, and having to have to explain it to all and sundry. Now I couldn’t give shit of what people think of me, I know who likes me and who doesn’t. I am good to my children, and love being with them, I used to hate dropping them off after a weekend, it ripped my guts out, but now I dont mind, because I know I will see them in a day or two, and no one can stop that, they know who their Dad is.

Pics come from a lovely day at Testwood Farm (Di’s Mums place).

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