A Visit From Toby and Sara, A New Home, And A Chat With ‘Arry

Posted on October 27, 2009

Had a busy couple of days this last week, firstly my old friends Toby and Sara ventured down to Broughton for the weekend to help me and Diane get pissed, and we all did so in epic style, starting with a country walk followed by a few beers in the Tally, then a meal at the lovely Greyhound in Stockbridge, then a few more beers at The Tally, then oblivion. We all felt fantastic on Sunday morning.

The Greyhound in Stockbridge
Yesterday I finally had the news that I am at last set to move into a home I can call home. In truth it is a poxy little place really, but it has enough room for me and the boys, and it is actually quite a sweet house inside, near their school and in a quiet cul de sac. It will just be a relief to be in a stable base rather than being in rented accommodation.

My New Mansion
Last night was fun, I went to see another Reading defeat, but what made it a bit different was a the fact I was sat next to Tottenham boss ‘Arry Redknapp. He is quite a character, very chatty and inquisitive, and full of quips and jokes, really pleasurable company
An evening with ‘Arry

However, the most remarkable thing this week is the weather, tomorrow it is going to be a balmy 20c again, and guess what happened this time a year ago in Basingstoke? I bet you can’t guess, so for your answer click here
Quite a remarkable week so far, let’s just hope there is nothing untoward about my move on Friday….if of course it happens on Friday.

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