New House A Week On

Posted on November 9, 2009

Well, a week has now passed and my new house is gradually turning in to what I want it to be, all be it at greater cost than I hoped, but when isn’t that the case? You think you can put up with things you don’t like but ultimately you can’t!!

It was much with much relief that, I got away from it at the weekend and spend my time with Di and co down in Broughton in what (for a change) turned out to be a boozy affair. On Friday it was a funeral for one of Di’s close family which was a lovely and fitting service to someone I wish I had known better. There were lovely tributes from friends and family, though the cost of having a church service is that you have to put up with some “God is our saviour stuff” that doesn’t in reality fit with the deceased, though I if you go down the church route, it is par for the course I suppose. The evening ended up quite boozy, the boys going to the pub, but I am sure that Val will forever appreciate me, Brian, and Clive’s superbly delivered late night rendition of Elvis. We are indeed great singers, and maybe should consider X factor……………..or maybe not.

On Saturday night me and Di decided to have a quiet meal in The Tally Ho, but this didn’t go to plan and we end up round someones house until 3.30 am. That is the problem with a village like Broughton, no matter how you try to avoid it, there is always someone to get pissed with if you venture out of your front door!

A good weekend tinged with a little sadness.

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