The South Submerged (Sort of)

Posted on November 24, 2009

Devastation: A car park submerged in well under a foot of water
God I wish these News programmes concentrating on the devastating floods up North would spare a thought for us poor sods in The South.

We may not have had 387mm of rain in 36 hours, and had our homes and businesses wrecked, but as the picture illustrates that we have had our problems as well. It was taken at Waitrose in Salisbury, Wilts and tells its own story of how I suffered a round trip 300 yards more than I would usually expect to get to the entrance of the store.

If I had taken another route I may well have suffered the indignity of getting wet feet, and with no other spare socks at Di’s house you can only begin to imagine the potential disruption to my day. Fortunately there was a route to my destination where there was no water at all and my tootsies remained dry, but it was a close call I can tell you!

However, that was not the end of my woes. One of several the exit routes from the car park was through the flooded area, and though it was completely unnecessary, I chose to drive through the water which in some areas was 10 inches deep, I can’t imagine what would have happened if, despite having a full tank, I had ran out of diesel. This would have meant me wading ankle deep through 20 yards of water to get to the garage, getting not only my socks, but the base of my jeans wet, this was global warming at its most devastating!!

With the Met Office forecasting one thirtieth of our monthly rainfall again this evening which wont result in rivers bursting their banks, and gusts of winds strong enough to remove leaves and twigs from trees, and the odd slate of a derelict barn roof, the worst may be yet to come.

Tonight I am going to draw my curtains, check my insurance policy, and hope for the best.

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