John Terry

Posted on February 3, 2010

I have decided to wait a few days before doing a blog on John Terry, just to see what the fall out was from his affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex girlfriend. I also wanted to know more about the truth behind the lines but this is not forthcoming at the moment.

“Cheer up mate you can shag my missus, she is a French lingerie model”

Firstly though, I must say that Radio shows, TV, Newspapers, and politicians have all been jumping to moral conclusions which smack of hypocrisy and spiteful judgement. Let me get this straight, I do not pity, or like John Terry, but he is not the first, or will he be the last footballer to get himself in a pickle.

If you hand out hundreds of thousands of pounds a month to young, ill advised, and ill prepared footballers, what do you expect them to do, live in a country retreat doing the gardening in between playing and training? Of course not, it is hedonistic a world of fast cars, faster women, mock mansions, and Essex nightclubs. I don’t know many of my friends who would have behaved any differently. We spent most of our early twenties in a haze of alcohol and class C drugs, though the women were strangely scarce amongst skint piss heads driving an Austin Maxi (Joe Le Maxi as we called it) containing empty fag packets, dirty football kit, and a solitary Clash tape. Given the chance to drive a Bentley and drink champagne with a bevvy of beauties it wouldn’t have taken us long to make our minds up. Anyone who denies that is deluding themselves.

What is a problem for me, is that Terry has had too many misdemeanours now, and his position is becoming untenable. His crime list (what we know of) includes, urinating on a night club floor, taunting American tourists about 9/11, taking cash bungs for unofficial tours, sexual intercourse with a 17 year old hairdresser in his Bentley, parking his Bentley in a disabled bay, and probably the ultimate sin amongst footballers, having an affair, and arranging an abortion for his best mates ex partner. You would think in his position, he would know better, but he doesn’t get it, because his hangers on dare not tell him he is wrong.

However, footballers don’t think, they are told what to drink, when to eat, when to train, where to live etc so they have no common sense. This means that they require critical influence from those close to them, either a decent agent (do they exist) or strong sensible parents. Terry has neither, his Dad a cocaine peddler, his Mother a shoplifter, and his agency is run by spivs who will allegedy prostitute his captaincy to whoever has a brown envelope stuffed with cash.

Fabio Cappello has a big decision to make, will sacking Terry cause disunity amongst the English Chelsea players (Lampard, J Cole, and A Cole) or will keeping him upset Wright Phillips, Lescott and Barry at Man City. In my opinion Terry should have saved the manager time and resigned the captains armband, it would have solved so many problems at a stroke. He is after all, an overpaid, better than average centre back, who has behaved stupidly too many times now. If England stick with him the story will run and run and disrupt the World Cup plans. He brainlessly tried to get a super injunction on the vindictive bastards at The News of World (the equivalent of sticking your arm in a croc pit) now they want blood, and they will get it. He would be wise to jump now, or they will make his life hell!

The problems is, the replacements dont look great do they? Ferdinand (dodging a drug test and arranging a five grand a head Xmas party full of good time girls) Gerrard (accused of assault and alleged underworld links) Rooney (standing up for ageism in the prostitution industry) and Ashley Cole (infedelity and driving offences).

Maybe we should accept them as footballers, and that footballers are a bit dense, very rich and have a lust for fast cars and birds. So do MP’s, Judges, and certain members of the media who are so bloody clean cut and morally correct. Perhaps footballers should spend some of their vast wealth to hire top private dectives to follow MP’s and Tabloid Newspaper journalists, now that would be a laugh.

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