Coldest Winter Since 1979

Posted on March 4, 2010

As predicted, we have just had our coldest winter since 1979 with an average temperature throughout December, January and February being just 1.5c. That’s very cold, and god it felt it, and still does, even though it is now March and we are, according to the Met Office, in Spring.

In fairness to the Met Office, they predicted this as early as 9th January, which blew out of the window my ambitious claim that I would playing golf in balmy temperatures by the end of the month. Though I could argue I don’t get paid for my predictions like they did for last years “barbecue summer” debacle. the most noticeable thing about the winter this year has been a total lack of prevailing Westerly or South westerly winds that generally give us temperate albeit wet weather. Instead we have been (and still are) stuck in a raw Easterly or North Easterly air flow that has refused to buckle.
Spring may be here officially, but temperatures over the next 4-5 days indicate daytime highs of 5c and nigh time lows of -3c. In any normal winter this would have been regarded as a cold snap, but we are all just used to it now, so much so, that when the wind briefly went to a southerly earlier this week and temperatures reached a balmy 10c in sunny skies, people were throwing off their jumpers, jackets and sunroofs as if though it was mid July. That Britons for you, a mere hint of optimism, and we grab it as if it is our last chance, and statistically we are correct in doing so. We have have to enjoy any warmth while we can.
The medium term forecast suggests the cold easterlies will persist for another fortnight, so don’t put away your winter woollies yet. Thereafter it indicates a swing to milder westerlies, but these generally mean a period of wetter weather, you just can’t win, can you? All you can do is hope for a better summer than the last two, and if you hear anyone mention the words “barbecue summer” give them a hefty crack on the jaw.

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  • Anonymous
    March 4, 2010 (5:20 pm)

    Pleased to see your back onto my favourite blogging topic. Much lesss controversial than the other stuff!!!
    Have a good weekend in the sunshine. Sally

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