A strange Experience In The Shower!

Posted on April 28, 2010

I had an odd experience today which made me very uncomfortable. I went to the Gym at lunchtime today for a bit of a work out, and afterwards when I was finishing my shower I found myself a couple of feet away from a stark naked bloke of about seventy. Not a pleasant sight (don’t get me wrong I am no Male model) and a rather unnecessary one in my opinion.

“Good session?” he said, checking me over as he spoke.

“Not bad, not bad” I responded attempting to be husky and hoping that would be conversation over.

“I come here three times a week” He went on, tackle proudly swinging away at an uncomfortable distance.

“That’s good” I said making a hasty dash for my towel.

“Yes I feel much better for it” he said.

“Good….good on you” (Now go away please!!)

Bloody hell, was this old codger trying to chat me up so he could bugger me there and then, he just wouldn’t go away. I began scanning the room for possible escape routes, he was was quite a rugged chap, but at 30 years my senior I fancied my chances, though naked wrestling with a pensioner is not up there in my top 5 sexual fantasies list I can tell you.

“The wife likes me to keep fit”

Oh thank god………………he was married, he was obviously just one of those Rugby types who gets some sort of pleasure frolicking around with naked blokes. I was half expecting him to start whipping me with a wet towel whilst getting me to join in with him in a song about women’s breasts. I am a prude I know, but all these men who leap in to communal baths and play where’s the soap and things like that, make me feel really uncomfortable, they really do.

When I used to play football I regularly went home caked in mud rather than get in the shower with a load of hairy blokes, I couldn’t think of anything worse. Consequently, I will never know if I am well endowed or not, because until today I have always managed to avoid another mans penis and testicles. It was not a pretty sight, and is temporarily (I hope) etched in to my minds eye. You know when you look in to the Sun and you shut your eyes and can still see it, it is like that with me, I blink and I see this dangling mess.

He is up there everday at 1pm apparently, well little does he know, he met me for the first and last time today.

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