The New Cricket Season

Posted on April 24, 2010

We all make decisions in life, some good, some hopelessly misguided, and some with hindsight, that are outrageously daft. However, if there is on one decision I have made that is indisputably brilliant, it was to get myself and my eldest son involved in village cricket at Oakley.

I went up to there ground on Thursday to help with preparing the pitches for this weekend’s games, and it was great to smell the muskiness of the club house and the newly cut grass as the sun cascaded across the fields, how more quintessentially English can it get?

I am at the club all day tomorrow, we have an under 15 match in the morning, and in the afternoon there is a Men’s match, and it was great to find the name Lethaby on the team sheet for the afternoon match meaning I would get a game as well.

What’s weird is that they put my name as G Lethaby not B Lethaby, what a silly mistake, the only person with a name beginning with G is of course George………………………………Oh I get it now, my 14 year old son has been preferred to me for the men’s match. Bugger!

I’m not going to tell George he is picked, and leave it until 2pm then make a phone call saying he is sick, that way they will have to give me a game as a late replacement.

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