Vote Tory Folks……..Cameron Was A Jam Fan!!!!!

Posted on April 7, 2010

Here is something I am amazed that I have not picked upon on before, as it originally came about in 2008. Did you know that David Cameron, speaking on a Radio 4 programme called “The Jam generation” claimed that the Eton Rifles by The Jam was one of his favourite songs when he was a 12 year old Cadet at Eton School???? Now that is right up there with the Reagan administration using Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” (an anti establishment song about about a broken and unemployed Vietnam veteran) as an election campaign song.

Weller: “What part of it didn’t he get?”

The Eton Rifles, for those of you who don’t know already, was written by a 21 year old Paul Weller after seeing a news programme showing Eton Cadets jeering at people on a rights to work rally as they marched past their school. It is a satirical song about social breakdown and inequality between the have and have nots, highlighted by the brilliant lines “All that Rugby puts hair on your chest/what chance have you got against a tie and a crest” and “We came out of it naturally the worst/beaten and bloody and sick down our shirts”.

Paul Weller was understandably staggered when he heard Cameron say “It meant a lot to me and my chums listening to those Jam albums, I don’t see why the left should be the only ones to listen to protest songs.”

Fuck me has the man got no shame? Trying to attach himself to a song which was rabidly opposed to the privileged life he has lived, should be a strong indication to anyone with half a brain, that this is a man completely detached from our world and the day to day struggles we all have. The next thing you know he will be using “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight” as a campaign song to encourage people to use public transport.

Paul Weller has distanced himself from politics since he made a tit of himself during the embarrassing 1985 Red Wedge Tour, but his riposte to Cameron’s comments contained some of edgy wit of his early days as a songwriter, when he said: “What part of Eton Rifles didn’t he (Cameron) get? It wasn’t intended as a jolly fucking drinking song for the Cadet corps.”

Unfortunately Paul, David Cameron thought it was, and that is why I never have, and never will vote Tory. They don’t give a toss about my life, they just want to tread all over people, and crush them in to believing they are thick, so they can’t upset or challenge the silver spooned privileges of the majority of the Tory government.

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