I’m Backing Our Brave Boys To Go All The Way!!!

Posted on May 27, 2010

Everywhere you look at the moment (and it is increasing by the day) you see cars bedecked with St George’s flags. Is this in support of the 70th anniversary on the Dunkirk rescue? is it perhaps a way of supporting troops in the Helmand Provence? Why of course not you fools, it is for the heroic failure our brave footballers are about to embark on in South Africa, and rightly so. It is about time these great men are appreciated more, rather than harping on about the Dunkirk rescue.

Appreciation: A member of the public shows he is backing our boys

On the radio this morning people have been telling tales of their ancestors being torpedoed out of rowing boats whilst trying to rescue surrounded allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. One guy was even whingeing that his Dad had been blown out of his yacht before swimming a mile to another boat so he could help out the desperate cause despite having two broken ankles. Aaaw diddums.

This selfish man should get a grip, has he not spared a thought for our footballers who will have to spend up to three days at a time between matches staying all expenses paid, in one of South Africa’s most exclusive sports and hotel complexes!!!. Not only that manager Fabio Cappello has banned players wives and girlfriends from visiting during the tournament, the bravery of our lads knows no boundaries. We should all remember the private hell that our players will go through in their quest to bring home the world cup, their £150k a week wages a poor return for the heroics of fine young men.

Living Hell: The Complex where our heroes are forced to stay

So people of Britain, the next time you are in a Texaco garage, please stop and think for a minute when you are paying at the kiosk. If you have a heart, please purchase one of these over priced FA endorsed flags to stick on your car. That way you can show our Lion hearts that you are thinking of them as they struggle through a mornings training before a swim, a sauna, a full body massage, and eventually, a well deserved nights sleep in a four poster bed with silk sheets and a high class prostitute sneaked through the back door.

Hopefully now we have a new Government they will see some common sense and make the whole team Sirs in the New Years honours list. Ruddy marvels the lot of them!!!

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